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Monday, 27 August 2018

Essential Oils Newbie

Following on from my introduction to the world of DoTERRA Essential Oils here’s my experience with the Home Essentials Kit so far... 

Summer (Aug)

Now it's the summer holidays my body clock is all over the place so feeling sleepy at night doesn't come easily. I've been using Lavender in the petal diffuser and also added a few drops in the bath too for a relaxing soak. It helps my body realise 'Oh I see, it's that time of day, start to wind down, switch off and stop playing the sims!’.  

The petal diffuser is so easy to use. Simply take off the top bit, fill with water up to the red marker, add a few drops of the oil and switch it on! It works on the mains and can be set to work on a 1 hour, 2 hour or 4 hour timer when it then switches itself off. The soft light can be turned on or off. It’s not very noisy - it gives out a gentle hum that actually adds to the calming effect, like a sort of white-noise. The diffuser fills the room with your chosen oil (you can mix the oils too) and is a lot safer to use than candles especially at bedtime!


As I mentioned above 'eating well' has dropped off my radar and as a result my stomach has been complaining! So I have been sipping a mug of hot water and Zengest. It's magic! A glorious internal hot water bottle made even better and more beneficial with the added oil. Settles my stomach almost instantly and it doesn’t taste too strong either. On the same train of thought I've been inhaling the Peppermint oil for bouts of heartburn. So much healthier than scoffing down a packet of Polo's (which was my usual go-to). 



It's been HOT here in England and although my eating habits have been god-awful I've tried to prioritise drinking water. To make it even more palatable and to satisfy the need for a sweet taste I've dropped in Lemon or Grapefruit. It's delish! I've been putting this in a jug so the oil isn't too intense and keep going back for more so end up drinking way more water than I normally would in one glassful. Lemon is good for cleansing the bod so is a great wake-me-up drink in the morning before food (see, Miss Nutritionist- I did listen). I hear Peppermint oil is also meant to cool you down- I'll try that one out soon when the weather picks up again.

I'll be updating this post as I continue to explore the kit so please tune in soon!

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