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Sunday, 22 March 2015

An Introduction...

Hello, Hey There, Hi. I'm Belinda and have finally joined the overly jammed party of Blogging! So Who am I? Imagine a tall, brown haired, blue eyed 'generic' human -who has been likened to Donna from 'Thats 70s show', Buffy's 'Little Sister', Weather reporter, Elizabeth Rizzini and basically the person 'who looks really familiar but I can't quite place'. On first impression I'm the one in the party intently listening to the vivacious ramblings of the overly confident and loud hoping for a word in. And when I do get a word in- I'm the one being listened to, vivaciously rambling.

'Dawn Summers'

Elizabeth Rizzini

I would describe myself as the personification of  AWKWARD TURTLE.

I relish in shows like Miranda, New Girl, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt because I can (perhaps like most 20-somethings) relate and hold my anxiety-filled head up high! (Granted I am not 'big-boned', American nor have I been kept in a bunker for 15 years).  I'm the queen of misinterpretation, clumsiness and simple amusement. And I hide it pretty well!

 'New Girl'                                                           


*sings* Unbreakable!..

Being slow to join the bandwagons of society and crawl through the foggy terrain of life I write this blog as if it were me talking 1:1 to that dream 'BFF' that I can call up with no 'booking in advance', talk about the musings of life WHEN they happen, advice each other in a thought-through edited way-so the ramblings and general glazing over can be reduced! And hopefully understood as the true Belinda- not the artificial one everyone seems to see or wants to see.

I love following blogs and reading about the enviable lifestyle of everyone else in this world and hope to share a true view point of life. Like all blogger/vloggers life gets in the way so this will be a on my terms basis (or in truth when I remember to/be bothered to) and I pledge not to moan and groan about the Blogging community, haters and 'sorry guys I haven't blogged for ever...' rants. I have chosen not to vlog as it is just downright cringing (although I am a vlog viewer addict). Also in conversation I'm a natural over-share so I hope for the sake of virtual-humanity I reign it in!

Now to start the ball rolling and entice you further here are 5 Facts about me:

> I own a hedgehog.
> I can Ballroom and Latin dance
> I have a degree in Prop Making.
> I can play the harp.
>I have never been to Ikea.

Bish Bash Bosh.


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