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Sunday, 5 March 2017


~2nd June 2017~

I was gifted my first dead bird today.

The cats (namely Poppy) have become progressively more adventurous with innocent leaves, feathers, a worm, a slug, a stag beetle yesterday and now this. Poppy the little minx not only brought it in once, but 3 times after my failed desperate attempts to fling outside away from my house! On the third discovery where it had been left in her bed (thankfully not mine) I finally bagged it up and put it in the outside bin.

There was a butterfly incident the other day too where a poor butterfly was trapped in a cobweb but in my desperate attempt to recover it I had 3 cats against me trying their best to catch it. It unfortunately didn't survive- as it fell from the cobweb Poppy snatched it and ran off. When I retrieved it back it was like trying to hide a toy from a child. I was literally running to find a safe place away from them to lay it to rest. In the commotion it fluttered to the floor by Leon's paws, he looked at it and then looked at me not knowing what to do with it. Leon, bless him, is a giant teddy bear. He's a bit slow when it comes to hunting. He will leap at moving things but when the things are at their most vulnerable/playing dead he doesn't know what to do with them. 

He is such a gentle cat and a very loving companion. He just wants constant human company and follows me around, sits by me and seeks my parent's or other cats company when I'm out at work. Poppy will seek out snuggles too but only for short amounts of time. Well, theres essential hunting to do like birds to catch isn't there! 

~UPDATED 5th March 2017~

I regularly post videos and pics of Leon and Poppy on my Instagram. So for more regular updates of their antics please follow me HERE

It's a very rainy day today (-0per=fr Oh Poppy's just walked across my keyboard reiterating what I'm about to write) and Poppy is not happy. She got a shock through the catflap on her morning routine: she always goes out to check the garden's still there before coming back for breakfast. She is now going through the cat flap coming back in all wet and muddy and miowing at me to turn the weather off. This cycle has been repeating for the last half hour.

Leon's got the right idea.

I have had sick days recently and he sticks by my side throughout the day. It's very sweet!

Poppy prefers to keep her 'naughty tortie' title and goes about her day her way.

Poppy- 'this is my bed for the night, do you have a problem with that?'

'the piece of buttered toast i nicked from her plate and i hid in my bed has vanished, if i sit on my food tray...she might take the hint...'

'Just casually chillaxing on the loo'
She comes up to me for a snuggle at night and has adopted a fleecy blanket which she drools over and kneads...will have to buy a new one!

Remember to check out and follow my Instagram for more of these two bundles of fluff.

~UPDATED 6th February~

Leon and Poppy have both podged out (Leon is huge!) and continue to get up to lots of mischief since I last wrote. Their curtain climbing antics are long gone now that they are scaling the neighbour's fences, garage roofs and even the trees. I am out at work during the day so my parent's look after them during these hours- I hear about the things they get up to when they think no one's watching! 

During the icy weather Poppy got more than she bargained for. They were both on our green house roof. Leon tentatively placed his paw on the icy sloped roof but retracted it back quickly as he noticed it was slippery. Poppy seeing this, obviously had to copy him. So she too put her paw out but put weight onto her paw and so dramatically tumbled, slid and rolled off the roof onto the ground below. She was on the grass for some time looking shocked and bewildered before running inside mewing for a cuddle and sympathy. The big wide world is an unforgiving place for a small fluffy kitten!

Poppy's been channelling her inner-squirrel climbing the tree in pursuit of those vicious leaves. 

I am now used to finding a prized worm that she has brought into the house and at the weekend she scored with a slug that I promptly stepped on.

They spend a lot of the evening stretched out asleep. If it's not the Oliver Bonas packaging Leon's adopted as his bed (which I would really like to dispose of but can't bring myself to) it's the middle of my bed which he likes to spread himself out on, on his back, paws in the air. 

Poppy usually opts for a donut bed by a radiator although since I have been nursing my hedgehog, Peggy back to health Poppy has been getting comfy on the stool by her cage that I sit on to give her the medication. Poppy looked so content and peaceful I left her be, only to come back later to find her licking the excess melted cheese off my grill! She is such a little chancer! 

Butter wouldn't melt.

Leon and Poppy are pin ups this month in the Hounslow Animal Welfare Charity calendar as well as on HAW's facebook page! More videos and pics of the kittens please check out and follow my Instagram. 

~UPDATED 30th December~

Leon and Poppy have been truly spoilt for their first christmas- not that they were very aware of this momentous occasion they were more spooked by the sudden amount of chatter 'next door'. I like to think that they enjoyed a chat with Santa Paws and nestled into his beard for a nap but who knows- they run a mile when someone new enters the house. 

Leon needs to work on his hiding technique. 

Both kittens enjoyed samplings of roast turkey and have since gone off their usual cat food having developed the palette of the finer cooked goods in life-typical!

They received a tin of tuna each, from Cousin Alfred (my aunt's cat) and a christmas card from the children who live next door to me. Also in their stockings (yes, yes of course they had their own) were crinkly mouse toys and whiskers kitten treats for their joint main present da da dadaaaa...
Image Credit: Zooplus

This has been a winner- both are very determined cats when it comes to a treat or rogue pistachio nut shell thats been discovered in the hardest to reach nook. The board has different containers and mazes that are designed to challenge your cat to find/recover a treat. Leon and Poppy both gobble their food up fast so this slows their eating down and makes it more of a game too. 
Here they are in action:

Leon's first christmas included endless amounts of tail-chasing, turkey 'supervision' and perfecting the art of what I call 'flolopping' (the leaf was added to cover his modesty).

Poppy's day consisted of treat scoffing and wrapping paper pouncing before a slightly unintentional incident where she attempted to burrow into a small bed (used for Peggy the hedgehog) and then promptly barrow-rolled off the table it was precariously on. Here she is post-incident looking sorry for herself. 

~UPDATED 8th December~
Blogmas #8

The kittens: Leon and Poppy are dab hands (or paws) at using their cat flap now the tape has been removed and they come and go throughout the day as they please. 5pm is their curfew at the moment- yes, call me overly protective but they do wake me up around 4am every morning to be let out otherwise I have a background noise of door scratching and face nibbling/clawing until I cave.
Sleep is too precious for me to waste!

Edit: Since writing this blogpost, my parent's cat (coco) got hit by a car a few days ago and has a ruptured spleen and ruptured diaphragm. So the kittens have been lectured and kept inside until I leave for work.

Poppy daintily hops in and out of the cat flap. She has come to realise there is no need for a bottom wiggling running jump through it which was so cute to watch. On the other hand Leon leaves his backside behind when he ventures out and momentarily reminds me of Winnie the Pooh, when Pooh gets stuck in Rabbit's hole (Oh the innuendos) but he really does! unlike Pooh-bear he slithers outside successfully perhaps when Poppy gives him the all clear.

Image Credit 

All is happy and wonderful in the lives of the kittens.

Edit: Ok, Poppy did singe a few whiskers off last night on a candle. She jumped up too quick for me to move it out the way. She's ok and I tell her curly, short whiskers are on trend.

Poppy has been busy bringing in presents of leaves and at the weekend brought in a giant worm and a stick. She couldn't work out why said stick wasn't squirming about like the other long thing she found and was rather bewildered when I flung both treasures outside in disgust. Leon has yet to bring me an offering- I lie in wait. Both kitkats enjoy copying the neighbouring cats in leaf/soil/creature pouncing, using the neatly potted soil in pretty pots (or my mum's patio plants) as a luxurious loo and snuggling up together in an old basket in the green house. 

However their joyous larks are often disrupted with this unwelcome sight through their cat flap.
*cue Jaws music or the like*

'Uncle' Socks (a friend of cat's Coco and Chanel- the neighbours) is a visiting cat on the hunt to steal food and the kittens aren't in favour of sharing. Poppy is convinced that by running a few metres after him (after I've shooed him off) is the tactic to scaring him off for good. Leon prefers to guard their step and use his mighty swishing tail and ferocious glare to do the talking. 

When their not patrolling outside they have been enjoying cosy evenings in. I've reintroduced my too-expensive-rug-to-get-ruined-by-kittens back into my lounge and they don't seem to be too fussed by it (phew)! Poppy likes to snuggle in with me...

...while Leon's special sleeping spot is my nutri-bullet box *sigh, cat logic*


To see more of the kittens lives and adventures scroll down!

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~UPDATED 15th November~

Introducing the Outside: Day 3-5

The kittens have been getting into their new routine of being allowed outside. They still do not quite understand the concept of pushing the cat flap open although they don't freak out too much when the microchip sensor loudly clicks which is a good thing!

Leon loves the outside! He has developed a whiny miow in the late evenings/early mornings which translates as 'open the damn cat flap I have important things to do!' The lure of food makes him come back inside although still quite reluctantly.

Poppy on the other hand is not convinced that this new freedom is all that great. She hops in and out of the cat flap and once she's realised Leon has deserted her, she meows continuously, looking bewildered and disorientated. I expected her to be the confident mischievous one! Perhaps she feels the cold more than Leon does. She does however busy herself bringing in dried leaves for me which she has been guarding carefully to prevent me from moving her stash. 


~UPDATED 12th November~

Introducing the Outside: Day 2

It's raining. Not ideal conditions but they've seen and heard rain and will have to get used to going under it at some point.

Say WHAT!?

Despite Poppy's initial reaction the rain didn't faze her much as she galloped around the gravel finding bushes to hide under, Leon on the other-hand apparently didn't want to get his beautiful coat wet and preferred to peer out in disgust.

In order to introduce the cat flap, I have taped it open so they get the idea that to go outside they have to make the effort to squeeze through it. At first they both lunged at it in one go, both getting stuck in the process leaving their behinds hanging out one side. (missed photo opportunity!) I scooped one at a time up through the hole and used my hands as a platform for their feet. I let them get used to hopping in and out of the cat flap. Due to the heavy rain I've now left the door open *she types, shivering* for them to sniff around and play so they adjust to this new change in routine. 

Leon and Poppy's big outdoor adventure this morning has worn them out! 

~UPDATED 11th November~

Poppy is free!!! The minute she was released from the onesie she went back to her crazy hyper self!

It's a big day for the kittens: They discovered a cold, big space with funny noises and funny smells.

Introducing the Outside: 

Day 1

Before I fed them this afternoon I let them explore outside for 30 minutes (before it got dark); their first steps outside without a harness! I waited by the back door and supervised their first outing but let them sniff around and explore. It was good to see that both kittens came back to the door every so often on their excursion, leaving their scent on 'home turf'. Leon was the first to wander and was at ease with his surroundings, Poppy however kept spooking herself out with the gravel podging her tail out like a bristle brush. Before it began to get dark I loudly made their dinner, getting them used to the signal of food from outside as well as giving them lots of praise, attention and treats when they returned inside. Tomorrow I'll let them out for longer and start to introduce the tiny hole in the door: the cat flap!

~UPDATED 7th November~

Last week Poppy was doing anything she could to get her little onesie off! Friday morning as I woke up late for work, she came trotting in with the onesie dragging along- completely soaked from her litter tray (ew)- around her ankles. (do cat's have ankles?*) 

This week now that the temperatures dropped I think she secretly likes her extra layer. Now, when she manages to undo the poppers, she comes up to me meowing for them to be reattached. 

The handsome vet (Poppy was visibly swooning at him- can cats swoon?**) said today that all being well she can be onesie-free on Friday this week. This is great, but will signify when they are allowed to step outside; the time they're allowed to join the big wide world! 

*Yes, they do. 

  ~UPDATED 31st October~

The lady cats of my neighbourhood are safe from Leon's handsome wiles as I have taken his manhood away! He went in for his neutering procedure last week.
The vets made him wear a soft cone to stop him from licking the area but this was causing him to be freak out and startle Poppy and he worked out how to turn the cone inside out making it completely obsolete! Thankfully he healed quickly and is larking about to the jealousy of his sister. Neutering male kittens prevents them from being able to impregnate a female cat as well as dispelling Testosterone in their system so male cats should behave more docile and less erratic.
He was very well endowed!! 

Unimpressed with his cone accessory. 

Leon is now playing nurse to Poppy who is taking a little longer to heal from her more invasive 'spay' procedure.

Poppy is doing alot of this at the moment. 
The vets had to shave both her paws in order to find a vein and she has a large bald path where the incision was made to take out (or do what ever they do to her) ovaries. She is to wear a onesie or baby grow for the next 10 days of until it's healed.

As you can imagine, she is not enthused by this prospect!

The onesie doesn't allow her to walk comfortably and despite this precaution she has licked the wound and it is now infected! Cue handsome vet ...who stapled her wound up (with your average staple gun) 3 times!!
Her temperature is normal and she is eating well but she has been given antibiotics for the time being. I hope she gets better soon! Although I do think she looks very cute in her little baby grow!

~UPDATED 17th October~

The kittens are starring (alongside other Hounslow Animal Welfare 'alumni') in the
upcoming charity calendar!

Buy it HERE

~UPDATED 11th October~

The kittens have been ever so busy behind my back, for my birthday they managed to get me a little present and a card! Their handwriting has improved somewhat and Poppy has learnt to spell her name correctly...


Or I have equally mad parents. You decide :)

~UPDATED 9th October~

The kittens are 6 months old!!

Oh how they've grown: Leon into a magnificent beast and Poppy...well she's still very dinky with a mischievous feistiness behind those big cutesy eyes.

A Teeny Tiny Poppy- Image Credit: Emma 

Poppy: "If I Fits, I Sits"

An Ickle Lickle Leon- Image Credit: Emma

I think it's very comical how his tail is positioned in this photo, making it look like he has buttocks!
(Yes, I am very immature) 
Both had their pre-neuter checks recently so will be having their little procedures very soon.
This time to make the transition from home to vets easier I lined the inside of their carry case with the nightdress I wore in bed from the night before which made them much more calm in comparison to the towel I usually use. I let them play in the carry case too for a couple of days before the appointment so they were less nervous of the box. Poppy was good as gold at the vets too (she usually leaps about and causes havoc during the appointment) I wonder if the overly handsome vet that examined her had anything to do with her being good!

When you suddenly realise 10 mins before said appointment that they both won't fit in their carry case together!
In their check up it was noted that Leon has a 'Grade 1 heart murmur' which with his apparent panting after a vigorous tail-chasing session is a little worrying however I have been rest assured that cat's do live long lives even with this type of condition. 


As it's been a while since a proper update here are some photos of Poppy and Leon's day to day life.

It's exhausting being a kitten.

This was Peggy's (my hedgehog) view on a recent 'play-date'. 

When I'm chilling in the evenings or having breakfast I sit watching Youtube at my dressing table and without fail I will always be accompanied by this little one! She will fall asleep or roll over on her back for a tummy rub.

 When (God forbid) I need to move, I'll pick her up with me and she remains in her floppy sleepy state like a cuddly toy. Last night I put Leon on my lap for a cuddle whilst sitting in this place but he was promptly booted off and forced to sit here:


Poppy also likes watching action/adventure films...

Whilst Leon prefers to 'help' with the house chores.

Despite their differences they still enjoy each other's company!

Dinner Time

Here Leon and Poppy are intently watching our neighbouring cat (who has adopted us). 

~ UPDATED 21st September~

Leon has just been framed by his devious sister, Poppy!
I've just walked into my bathroom being nearly knocked over by a sprinting Poppy who promptly hid. She obviously told naive Leon to sit next to the incriminating evidence- the little so and so...

~UPDATED 12th September~

Earlier in August the kittens had a bizarre marble-sized lumps on the backs of each of their necks. Both kittens didn't seem to experience any discomfort from these unknown lumps.  The nurse at their health check was stumped but fortunately after 2 weeks of sporting the shaved fur look the lump disappeared on both kittens. With no proper explanation to go on we came to the conclusion they were a reaction to their last vaccination.

Trying to snap Poppy sitting still is very difficult- hence the blur!

Recently Leon had a little stomach upset. He went off his food and became subdued for a few days (the lumps and the stomach upset are unrelated!). It seems naughty-Tortie Poppy has decided she too dislikes her food although she doesn't fool me with her constant hyper energy! As I write this she has just chowed down her second fly of the evening. She continues to make mischief...

I caught her unravelling a whole loo roll in my bathroom.

Gentle Leon on the other hand is continuing to grow into a magnificent beast; his tail a great-plume of stripy ginger fur. He still wakes me up every morning without fail and still likes nothing better than draping himself on the scratching post/ window sill for all to admire.

Photo for the next Miow-lo! magazine- you've seen it here first!

On a recent photo shoot he had to put up with his annoying little sister stealing his limelight.

~UPDATED 31st August~

There seem to be a lot of suicidal spiders in my place or perhaps they didn't get the memo that Leon has overcome his bug fears. Once he has stopped them with his giant paws and then looks at me for support he devours them. A cute result of this is that he becomes super flinchy afterwards- you can see his skin crawl (I think he's trying to impress Poppy with his manliness).

Poppy has been making her own entertainment. She is continually fascinated by the basin in the bathroom...

Her bathroom antics didn't go as planned when her curiosity got the better of her. As I've mentioned on this post before, she likes to hoik things out of the bin and play with them. She then proceeded to get her head stuck in the bin, miowed to be set free and in picking her up, the bin lid came to. Now, if she just kept still this scenario could have been rectified but she freaked and went hurtling down the my hall way wearing said bin lid until it eventually fell off. *facepalm*

~UPDATED 22nd August~

Christmas has come early for Leon and Poppy!

Like all young children, the kittens will find everything a game. I've given up buying them toys and giving them make-shift entertainment instead: boxes, tissue paper, taps. toilet roll tubes...they also love pistachio shells! There recent game however is 'who can climb up the harp the fastest'- how it's still standing upright is beyond me. They're still so young and don't realise that if I move eg their small scratching post or my laundry basket they think it's a completely new toy! *face palm*

In the knowledge of them most likely developing into keen hunters (god help you helpless wildlife) I have purchased the king of scratching posts!


My family already own this design of scratching post and I highly recommend it. It's ceiling height and can be adapted to fit a space although it does require space around the structure and a fixture to a wall. Most scratching posts on the market are flimsy but this has a solid wood base and a robust wide diameter. To Poppy's delight it comes with 3 more doughnut beds too! It's pricey but you get what you pay for and this will last a long-time. It allows vertical climbing which cat's love and it also allows them to hide up at the top and supervise their Humans. Leon and Poppy have yet to brave the very top doughnut bed but they love bolting up the post at great speeds!


In the video, the kittens demonstrate the scratching post and Leon shows off.
Click HERE

~UPDATED 18th August~

The kittens have been enjoying my company (or should i say attention) whilst I have been off work on the Summer holidays- ahh the perks of working in a school. Leon has still not grasped that Human's need their sleep especially when it's still dark outside. Without fail at 4:30am he nuzzles my face with great force. This would be cute if his nose wasn't wet and he didn't aim for my eye and mouth (and if it wasn't so early!!) When I part suffocate myself with a cushion in a bid to ward him off he has developed a new tactic to shove his paddle-like giant paws into any gap between me and my shield basically slapping me round the face- claws and all. He's got biscuits, his litter tray is clean, he obviously wants his Human play-thing to wake up.
*lightbulb moment* I may need to invest in a long poking device to nudge Poppy awake. Yyyess...excellent Smithers...

The kittens are very savvy and as well as coming up to me for entertainment they are also very good at meowing at me for their general well-being ie Poppy: Mow= 'remember when I fell in my water-bowl last night- well it's not very full, FILL IT',  Miewww= 'I've just done a massive poo- clean it up', Meheheh= 'Leon's missed the tray ha ha', Miowww= 'I want some biscuits but not in my bowl, only on the window sill so I can bat them off, chase them and eat them'.
Like Leon she too has a 'must-do', when I draw the curtains she intends on helping me, running up to the window and before I can knot the string (for safety) she is doing her aerial circus act on the curtains. She is such a girly girl too and enjoys watching the Human grooming/preening session as I get ready in the bathroom.

 ~UPDATED 13th August~

Whilst I have been away (again) on holiday at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival it seems the kittens have been busy! Below is an exert from their latest diary entry that was found and translated by Old Human aka my Mum.

Our Human (Belinda) is “on holiday”. Why?—we have to ask. Surely just being with us gives her enough fun, variety, diversion, new experiences and relaxation (well probably not the last one). Well anyway while she is away an Old Human is looking after us. On the whole, Old Human is not doing too bad a job and is proving very trainable. We just have to look appealingly at her through the door and she’s in like a shot! This is especially useful in calling her back when we have copiously used our litter tray not long after she has cleaned it out.

Old Human is also quite good with throwing ping-pong balls for us to chase. She has introduced a curious variation into the game however which we don’t get with our regular human. Whenever we send the ping-pong ball under the furniture she calls out ‘Oh! my poor old knees!’ she does this every time so it must be an indispensable part of the game. Therefore we make sure we constantly wallop the ball under the furniture giving her plenty of opportunity to say ‘Oh! my poor old knees!’ and thereby increasing her enjoyment of the game. Aren’t we clever!

We will be pleased to see our regular Human back although we might not let her know immediately- after all she’s got to learn that we don’t really approve of “holidays!” 

~ UPDATED 3th August~

Leon is growing into a very large lean cat. His paws are huge and there is a stark contrast when they are play fighting (often using my body as a crash landing pad). Poppy swiftly and lightly lands with grace and poise whereas Leon smacks right down knocking the wind out of me!

 Illustrated perfectly by Yasmine Surovec

I do not own this image. 

 His tail is particularly very handsome; a bushy plume of ginger wisps (how poetic) it is considerably longer than Poppy's. It's as if his extra bit of tail should have belonged to Poppy (we think she may have been the 'runt' of the litter perhaps?). This extra long tail has a mind of it's own* and creates great entertainment for both kittens!

Leon does this continuously often during the evening when the lights are on and he notices his shadow. I love that in this video Poppy just gives him a withering stare through out.

*This reminds me of an episode of Noddy from the good ol' 90s- who remembers this?

 I do not own this video. 

~UPDATED 30th July 2016~

The worst thing about summer holidays is leaving your beloved pets. They sense change.
Leon and Poppy in their innocence however saw this as an opportunity to cause mischief!

Before my trip to Germany...

A new toy/bed/play area just for us! 

During my trip in Germany...

Getting wasted

The morning after...

2 days until Human returns...

Watching X-rated films

After my trip to Germany...
We've been sitting here the whole time.

~UPDATED 22th July 2016~

We have a new ringleader! Miss Poppy has become a confident, feisty bossy little madam.
She's just showing off now...

If I 'confiscate' a toy (ie a bit of plastic deemed not ideal to chew) I will turn my back and it will have been rooted out of the bin and defiantly played with again. She takes all new situations in her stride: sitting in the car for the V-E-T trip calm and collected in comparison to Leon who vocalised his displeasure for the entire journey. On the recent ant invasion Poppy was the first to sample 'menu du jour' ANT!!! whilst Leon freaked when an ant made it's way on his paw. They both however need to work on their tolerance for the piano. On one occasion when they both scarpered, on Leon's tentative reappearance Poppy was no where to be seen. Through frantic looking she was eventually discovered behind the washing machine- even the sound of 'dreamies' didn't rouse her from her hiding place!

'I forbid you to continue you reading...'
'This is my bed now.'
Leon on the other hand has become (I hate to use this expression for a cat) a 'Mummy's boy' *cringe* Despite his lithe, masculine figure that drapes over the window sill, paws crossed, head raised for all to admire he likes being cradled, he's the first to switch on the purr, the first one waiting for me to get home and in new situations will look round at me and continuously meow for reassurance. 

Their most recent accomplishment was going on a lead. They are still not allowed outside but the heat this week has been unbearable! I want them to have some fresh air and to become acquainted with their garden and the cats they will sharing their outside territory with. Leon didn't know what was going on as I fitted the harness on easily, it was only when we were outside that he started to panic and let the whole neighbourhood know he wasn't too sure about all of this! Poppy was like a wet bar of soap- trying to catch her and keep her still from slithering out of her harness was tricky and when she finally succumbed she stubbornly lay down in protest resisting to move.

My loopy mum is providing the 'Poppy' commentry


'You've been staring at this book far too long, stare at us!'

 ~UPDATED 25th June 2016~

I have got so used to seeing the littleons that all other cats look ginormous! In my opinion since getting the kittens my parent's cats have definitely ballooned in size. From footage of the kittens first arrival they have made a noticeable growth spurt and on a recent visit to the V-E-T this was confirmed when they were weighed. There was an audible gasp from the nurse as she weighed Leon. "He's going to be a big cat". He now weighs in at 1.7kg (I'm not over-feeding him thankfully although he does chug down his food and has a good go at Poppy's if he gets the chance!) On the other hand little Poppy has gained 4g (1.3kg) which I am told is a common, healthy weight for a kitten of her age and proportion.

Leon may be big but Poppy bags the most room in their doughnut bed!

They are starting to fall into my weekday routine (weekend's not so much) of being active and showing their cravings for a attention 'FEED US- we're withering away/ HURRY UP PLAY THING entertain us!!!' when I wake up. They do this by toe-pouncing, mewing, or purring very loudly- 'Look how cute we can be'.

They also go up to my face very close nose to nose and hover there like they're staring me down, luring me into a false sense of security.

The kittens are so very affectionate and like to be around me all the time especially when I'm home from work and ready for much needed chilling!
Points for commenting on which sitcom the kittens are watching!

Poppy is a very gentle cat although her Tortie feistyness and determination is starting to show. She has a lot of persistance especially in exploring new places. On many occasion I have found her having lept onto the utility area and peering into the sink. Once brought down and put on the floor she will scamper quickly and silently back up and look at me smugly. She is copying her brother in curtain climbing and gives up a good fight when he launches himself at her.

Poppy is also gaining confidence is discovering new toys and hiding places and calls out with an excited miow to inform Leon. Her recent discovery was (unfortunately) the back of the fridge. She easily manouvoured her little body round the back of it but there was a visable difference when Leon followed her squeezing his not so minute frame round the back to join her. On the upside they did help in cleaning the back of the fridge as on their return their whiskers were full of cobwebs!

~UPDATED 1st July 2016~

It's been 2 weeks now and the kittens have me wrapped round their little furry paws! Their confidence has grown and their true cheeky side has been revealed. They are going to be wicked hunters when their older- oh how I look forward to receiving their spoils through the cat flap!

Their nightly/early morning escapades are still very much part of their routine *she types bleary eyed* and to allow them more roaming space hopefully to exert all their energy I have let them explore outside my room. Once they realised there are more climbing frames (the utility and sink area), exciting hidy-holes (behind the toilet and under my dressing table and curious teeny tiny dots that move very quickly around the door frame (my current ant-invasion) outside the room they were quick to nip out under my feet at any opportunity. As many of you know I own an African Pgymy Hedgehog who resides in a large cage. Peggy has been moved to a room I can keep shut and away from prying eyes and paws. This week I tried to thwart their plans of nightly roaming with keeping them supervised over night in my room.

They had other plans.
For the next half hour they took turns leaping up towards the door handle until I caved in. They are also employing this leaping tactic on my curtains in bids to open the windows...(I think)
I'll give them points for persistence and savyness!

 A particularly amusing event I caught on camera was Poppy acknowledging her reflection for the first time.

  Leon is very much the one in charge at the moment, he is the first one to suss out something then Poppy copies him. I caught him peering into the loo with his accomplice keeping look-out outside the bathroom door! (I have since kitten-proofed my living space further!) 

I work with young children with Autism and I've realised I've been using behaviour strategies I use at work on my kittens (Yes, I am nuts): using repetitive non-verbal physical prompts and ignoring Leon's bad behaviour and praising the good. This is oddly working to an extent although the curtain climbing is still a bit of an issue...perhaps he need's me to write him a social story?

~26th July 2016~

Last Sunday I became the proud owner of two little bundles of fluff.

I am very pleased to introduce Leon and Poppy to my blog!
Leon, the ginger and white on the left and Poppy, the smaller tortoise shell and white on the right.
Bought from HAWS rescue charity at 9 weeks they have been busy settling into their new forever home and marking me out as one of the pack with their affectionate grooming and face butting.

They have a little longer to wait before they can venture outside and meet the feline neighbours so are currently confined to the living room...where I sleep. This has it's advantages when they have worn themselves out and snuggle up to me lulling me to sleep with their synchronized purrs.

However they are cute and crazy in equal amounts and before this mutual agreement of sleep they must perform an interpretive dance of litter throwing, water splashing, play fighting and hurling themselves at full speed across the room. They have discovered that my still slumbering body is a great launch pad to throw themselves up to the side ledge of my bed or back onto the floor- my head being a soft landing for when they miss; I resorted to my mum and dad's spare bedroom when Leon managed to land with a clawed paw in my eye this morning. Their other nightly activity is to watch me sleep Edward Cullen stylee which when I awake in the darkness of the early hours of the morning having 2 sets of beady eyes stare down at you is quite unnerving.

Butter wouldn't melt...
They are brother and sister despite their different markings and were handed into the charity aged 3 weeks. They came from a litter of 3 other kittens from a mother who is a kitten herself. Leon and Poppy are both very close and although their play fighting is rather alarming at times they enjoy a snuggle and groom together in the 'doughnut'-shaped cat bed which Poppy has taken to kneading and suckling at as if to try and draw milk from it! 

On the day of their arrival I had (what I thought) kitten-proofed my room. Changing my expensive stringy rug to a cheap wilko throw, tying up and putting away loose cables, creating cosy nooks for them with bedding and fleece and preparing their litter tray. But of course cats are cats and will not choose the places you chose for them. On arrival the kittens repeatedly attempted to sqat on my bed with threatening 'poo-faces', managed to scramble up the curtains and on their first night opted to sleep on some folded dress-making materials scrunched up carelessly in a fabric box under my desk!

I hastily added cushions and a fleece to try and and make it into a more comfortable area.

Thankfully they quickly got the message on the dos and don'ts of their new living arrangement. 
Although Play time and Sleep time has room for improvement!

I will update this post as Leon and Poppy continue to settle in and grow up, as well as the loony state at which I am progressively becoming thanks to their adorability.
I am officially addled. 

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