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Wednesday, 8 April 2015


For the next 100 days I intend to embark on a 'LETS BE MORE POSITIVE' *grins manically* journey exclaiming the little 'Happys' of that day summed up in a photo; a drawing, a quote...

I am often one to assume the world is against me, and that I am doomed from the moment I wake up. So to the relief of my family members and probably colleagues I pledge to be more happy to out weigh the doubt and destruction that stress does to my low-in-Serotonin body!


I will be posting this photo on my Instagram account:  

(Yup, that's right I'm broadening my social media footprint) 

I hope to post something insightful about the pictures on this blog...but we'll see how time pans out! 

The project runs from April 6th- July 14th 2015. Find more about it here

So, the eagle-eyed among you will see that it is already April 8th so lets get cracker-lacking!
Day 1 


Day 2 

Looking forward to posting 98 more!