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Friday, 10 April 2015

Day 5 #The100DayProject


Day 5
Facebook informed me that in the USA its National Sibling Day so I was feeling reminiscent and looked through old photo albums (remember when we actually printed photos??) and came across this classic! This is a photo, taken in 1992 of my older sister asleep on the sofa conveniently face-down for her annoying little sister, (ME aged 2) to jump on this perfect opportunity to embellish her bottom in stickers. I love how cheeky I look and how utterly hilarious I'm finding this situation!

I spent this afternoon (aged 24) in the sun catching up with my oldest school friend- which was sooo lovely! Drinking a pink lemonade float and eating sweet potato fries- which I'd recommend- in Bills 
(hooray!! *ticks off the places to go list)



Peggy and the Balloon.