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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Hosting a Mary Kay Party

Mary Kay is an American cosmetics company that makes it's sales through a consultant who sells the products and recruits more people to join the company.

  • My friend, Jules has recently become a Mary Kay consultant. You can find her here
  • Check out Mary Kay product reviews on this blog here
  • I love a good bullet point list!  

Signing up to Mary Kay (ie trying-out or buying products) you will be encouraged to host your own party

*cue mind-montage of anxieties, vision of busy schedule, faces of unreliable friends,
 whilst O Fortuna ~ Carmina Burana plays*

 Right, hello? back to reality! I am here to calm your nerves and think practically. 

By offering yourself up as tribute to host a party you are supporting your consultant in growing her business and you get to try out more freebies and get a discount on your next purchase (win win!). Also you are in control of who you invite (up to 6 people), what you serve and when it is. Its flexible on when you (and of course the consultant) are free and due to the limited invites its a small gathering rather than full-blown rave! If people can't make the party they can order products in advance.

The MK Party website is not very helpful so this post is on what to expect, ideas etc


At the host's house: all you need is a large table that will show off the products to try and gives you and your guests space to try them! Remember to make your downstairs loo presentable with extra towels as guests will need to wash hands during the 'Satin hands' demonstration. Another room for eating and mingling in (if serving food) would also be useful so guests can have a private consultation at the end.

   Getting Ready

With a party on the horizon I thought about the theme (remember me, I have to go all out!)

Easter coming up BAM! an Easter themed party!

Of course there doesn't need to be a seasonal theme or a theme at all but its useful to have a structure to help with what to serve and how to make it feel more party-like other than a make-up consultation you get at Boots.

 Make it a:
 Hen Party!         Slumber Party!       Birthday Party!        Reunion!        

Get the guests involved:
  • It could be a based on what you serve: 'cake' party- your guests bring a cake...a 'tea party'- your guests dress up vintage/retro, a buffet- guests bring a sandwich filling...a bring something beginning with the letter [...] (yes, I've run out of ideas)


For an MK party your consultant arrives 1 hour before your guests. This gives her time to set up the products and give you your own personal make-over! So make sure all prep is done before she comes. This hour goes quickly so make sure your overly-chatty mother is not getting in the way! (*experience*)

The makeup tutorial takes about an hour (depending on how many guests)

Afterwards the consultant will take each guest for 15 mins for a 1:1 consultation (this is where you can get specific advice, book in to host a party and put in your orders for any products you liked during the presentation). 

What you will need

  • During the makeup demonstration you will need a large bowl of warm water.
  • Make sure you offer your consultant a drink as she will be doing lots of talking.
  • Make a party playlist- *not 15 hours long! I was a little over enthusiastic!*

Do guests need to bring anything?

They can wear makeup to the party but they will be taking it off with the MK products.
They don't need to bring money as orders are done by bank transfer.

So there you have my tips on hosting a Mary Kay makeup party- go check out Jule's page and stay tuned for more random (but insightful) things on this blog!