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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Day 28 #the100DayProject


Yesterday was World Naked Gardening Day 
so here is Peggy in the nude, gardening.

This morning I had a Peggy-scare. It was very clear that her wheel (which is usually poo-covered) and her food bowl (which is usually half empty) had been untouched! I gave her a little prod to find she was awake and very huffly so took her out of her nesting box to find her claw fully attached to her blanket. She was stuck! Poor Pegs! After freeing her and making it look like it was night time (she isn't the cleverest of hogs) I let her do her nightly duties. After which I gave her a lovely clean cage. (once she had done her modelling job of course!)

Then it was off to a 20s/30s social Christian event for lunch- which was lovely! and had one of those 'Crazy small world we live in' moments!

Then it was back to the parentals for some posh nosh and wine!
ON A SCHOOL NIGHT! Hooray for the bank holiday!