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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Day 32 #The100DayProject


 Peggy needs your Vote! 
(Election Day in the UK)


 It's exhausting, zombifyed days like these when this project comes into it's own. 
Its hard to find 'happys' so you have to make them! 
And instead of feeling low and dejected I have made myself calm and happier by rooting around for some stress relief!

 A Mishmash of perks not in any order:
1. A relaxing hot bath to ease the tension and Youtube vlogger watching- I love 'Sprinkle of Glitter', there I said it! She's hilarious and so lovable and I see alot of her in me.
Check out her blog:

2. Tea and cake- my saving grace when I get home from work.

3. And today being 'voting day' in the UK thankfully the polling station is next to a Waitrose-
cue unnecessary exciting new dessert discovery!

4. In the post today came by order of 'The Mousehole Cat'. A beautiful animation based on a picture book about a fisherman who takes his loyal cat, Mowzer with him to brave the stormy seas to catch fish, the storm is illustrated as the Storm Cat and Mowzer calms the storm with her 'tuneful' pur.
It's one of those nostalgic childhood cartoons that has to be reviewed however old I am!
And possibly if your huge Cat-lover!

 Illustration from The Mousehole Cat.
Mowzer calming the storm.