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Friday, 29 May 2015

May | Favourites

Preda Forest Feast Exotic Dried Mango
Sweet, moorish and slightly more healthier than a dairy milk (it's fruit ok!)
Not too tough and chewy either!
Don't be fooled by the 'Low Fat' label the sugar level is sky high!


-Supermarkets-£4.99- 500ml-
You can't go wrong with Ben and Jerry's icecream and they have triumphed again with their Bob Marley inspired 'Satisfy my Bowl'. A banana icecream that's very sweet and sickly but oh so yum with swirls of caramel, cookie dough and dark chocolate peace sign discs.
I reccomend having a scoop with fresh pineapple! 


(but I get mine from Garson's Farm Shop, Esher because I am oh-so-posh)-
£4.99-500ml (8 pints)-

Produced in Lincolnshire this cordial is to be diluted with water. In comes in many flavours however my favourite this month is 'Raspberry and Lemon'. Its tangy, sweet and just hits the spot! It's a great way of keeping hydrated as you do not need much to taste.
Its non-alcoholic too.
Although its quite pricey it has no sulphates or additives
(which a lot of squash has) which is good for the old innards! 

-Sheppard's single, Geronimo is out now 99p-Itunes-
- Buy their album 'Bombs Away!' now- £8.99- Itunes-

Sheppard are a Aussie band with a fresh, young, catchy vibe. I'm sure they'll become a Summer staple. I love their songs 'Geronimo' and 'Let me Down Easy'
- also check out their acoustic playlist on Youtube.
They sound as good as live as they do on record too. Their sound is like Walk off the Earth, a non-country Lady Antebellum and I'm sure quite a lot more: discuss in the comments!

**Ignore continuity Error**

-Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Back Spray- 150ml- £4.99
(current offer 3 for 2 on selected products)

With the weather hotting up my back has decided to 'sprout' acne or Bacne
...mmm attractive!
It was going to happen sometime, being acne free until now.
Also health-wise my genetic calender is in sync with my mum's and this has matched the time my mum had this too!
(have the high blood pressure, joint ache, arthritis...all to look forward to!)

So advised to use witch hazel by 'mum the expert' I purchased a Tea Tree/witch hazel Exfoliator scrub but this months winner is the Tea Tree Witch Hazel Back Spray. A lot easier to apply or spritz... *SPRITZZzz- what a classy word*
...morning and evening and away you go! It has also cleared up the worst of the spots- oh they're still there of course but less 'in your face'!
(although I can't see them so in my mind they're gone!)

Taking Colouring Books to the next level!
Using The Secret Garden colouring book I mentioned in my April Favourites I have thrown away the pens and got out the sewing kit.
I love sewing and have been an avid cross stitcher since the age of 6!
*'avid cross stitcher? my 'cool' rep as taken a downward turn*
There is so much more scope with embroidery- It's still very therapeutic and stops nail biting!
And with this bug page I can try out metallic threads, feast your eyes on the glittery shininess :)
**Please leave a comment if you'd like a tutorial**

-Sass & Belle- £10.00- find it here-

I bought this from the Celia Hammond Animal Trust stall at the The London Pet Show,
A traditional little clip purse in a floral pattern with cat design.
 I love the cute, vintage design of this purse, 
great for loose change in my bag and just about holds debit cards and ID- at a 'pinch'.
Check out and donate to the charity or even better Adopt a Cat! here.
Cat In a Flat is a cat sitting service based in London and Surrey, UK
Book me in here!
I'm super excited about this new venture and hope to be meeting new feline friends.
I am a cat-lover through and through and am purrrfect for this job!


-Natural History Museum, London Shop, £16.00-

The Natural History Museum, London is amazing and really worth a visit! 
(See Dippy the Dinosaur at the entrance before he gets moved in Summer 2017!)
and I recently met a friend from Uni there, with a look round the shop I found this Milk Jug
- the only one on display so of course I had to have it!

As I often live off instant tea he has been used as a water jug to fill my hedgehog's water bowl
- only fitting!

I absolutely adore the Beasties range at Magpie 
Check them out here! The Badger milk jug reminds me of that lovely 'textily' woodland range.
I may need to buy the Fox jug to keep Mr. Brock (Beatrix Potter reference) company!

If your interested check out my April Favourites here and stay tuned for next month's 'Favourites' Blog post- Is it really nearly June already?? Ca-razy!

**I do not own the watermelon designs**
Watermelon pattern in title by Jen Gardner
Watermelon original banner from Etsy