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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Day 67 #The100dayproject

'Snacking Reinvented'- Graze.  


Today in the post I was sent my 2-weekly Graze box and it looks a good'un! Olives, flapjack, my fave cake- Carrot Cake (deconstructed) and a dried berry combo. Nom.

Graze are a 'mail-order' company that send you yummy sweet and savory portioned snacks. There is a huge selection to choose from online and each box can be tailored to your own likes and dislikes. There are options to 'bin'- they will not send you that product (good riddance Beef Jerky!), 'try', 'send soon', 'like' and 'love'- they will send you the snack again in a future box. 


Being an online company makes it super convenient, you can track your boxes, make changes or amendments to your order, get loyalty rewards or try different one-off snack products in the extensive ranges.

Boxes are £3.99 each for 4 different snack portions, a sharing box with 5 medium sized bags (20 portions) is £15. I would reccomend choosing what goes in the sharing box as I bought the Best of British box and only liked one of the bags (sad times). 

However many of the snacks are yummilicious and being a snack fiend who likes to finish the packet the controlled portion size helps with limiting what you eat. 
Also good to keep in the car or bag for a panic-snack. 

Click the links below, your first regular box is free (win!) 



Peggy, the gaming hedgehog.

Any other fellow final fantasy VIII fans??? I never finished it and wish i owned the PC software or play station to play it. I used to fancy the pixels off Irvine - mm that sweeping ponytail and manly trench coat. 


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