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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Day 77 #The100DayProject

Happy Father's Day


Peggy looks for her Dad.

Whether you have a Dad or not celebrate the fact that they created YOU. 
They made you the person (or hedgehog) you are today.

Appreciate them in someway today especially if you don't already whether its through a token of thanks or a simple thought of a happy memory.

Not one for presents I gave my Dad a selection of Turkish Delight (his favourite)
-hopefully he will need some help!


An annoying woman chased through forestation in immaculate heels. 
A dinosaur whisperer. 
Toy Story's Rex saving the day. 

Jurassic World was pretty good! As expected not overly wowed but yeh was a good-un! 
I love the music and it brought nostalgic memories of the ride at Universal Studios, Florida.

 However all the mayhem could have been avoided, if they had lured the mighty dino to the waterfall or pool again and pushed him over the edge. Thus shortening the film. 
I bet they're kicking themselves that they didn't think of that ;)

Double helpings of Ice cream sundae and crepe were consumed today at 'Creams'.

With my holiday looming I had a huge scare that I'd lost my passport but eureka, huzzah I found it!