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Sunday, 22 November 2015

A Peggy Post #3

Peggy has been busy being cute and turning her paw at some origami...


But now that the temperature has taken a sudden drop Peggy took the most silly decision to try and hibernate. Yes normal for wild hedgehogs but fatal for African Pgymys. Their body is not suited to storing large amounts of food to keep them going through the winter months and hibernation must be prevented!

A hedgehog must be kept in a warmed environment: nesting box/fleeces/heating pad or warm lamp if you have such a thing and I hadn't realised just how cold it has got- even in our radiator-on-max furnace of a house! When the hogs body temperature drops they attempt hibernation.

This morning I found Peggy curled solidly in a ball. Often she will meet me with a disgruntled huff and poke out her head to acknowledge me before unraveling. Not today.

Hedgehogs that attempt hibernation often stay in a ball or if uncurled have cool to the touch bellies so it's best to warm them up immediately. Placing them on your stomach, with a blanket to keep in the body heat warmth is best- breaking out in a hideous rash over your abdomen due to their prickles on your bare skin is an unfortunate compromise to keep the hoglet warm.

Peggy has thankfully since uncurled and is having a special treat of hiding (and warming up) in my own fleecy winter blanket. **please don't poo please don't poo**

Today was a pet service at my local church- she was the star of the show last year, shame she's having a duvet day this year :(

Update shortly on how she's doing!