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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Current Favourites.

This post has had many a title: September Faves/ Birthday Haul/ Autumnal Favourites/ New Year New Things....

But no time like the present!
  Here is an amalgamation (good word) of lots of things I have been using and loving.

Warm and Crunchy Quaker Oats

Also Available in Apple & Cinnamon Flavour

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If you stick Granola in a plastic pouch and brand it as a new breakfast idea Belinda will buy it. Oaty Granola clusters that stay crunchy and yummy when heated with milk. It's a sort of crunchy porridge (with out the regurgitated texture) and quite sustaining. It's super convenient to take on the go (err if you have access to a microwave, bowl, spoon and milk on your travels)

Lindt Pistachio Chocolate

Green, Nutty goodness 'enveloped' in dark chocolate. Enough said.

Giraffe Restaurant


Yes there is always a screaming child being bribed with balloons and hazardous plastic giraffe stirrers but Giraffe is my new go-to restaurant. At my local one, the staff are so friendly and you don't feel judged when you walk in date-less or friend-less to gorge on the Banana Waffle Split all to yourself. A good variety of food from burgers, quesadillas, to stir-fry and pizza! Relaxed atmosphere, family friendly and a happy vibe with cha-cha latin american music played throughout. My order which my friendly waiter-friend (cue inbetweener's fwend quote) confirms without me wasting breath is: Ginger Blast smoothie, The Rodeo Chicken Burger and Sweet Potato Fries. NOM. View Menu HERE

5 Year Journal Q & A
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I love the idea of documenting/archiving thought processes and seeing how a person can develop and change so this book is so much fun! Slow entertainment but will be worth it when I'm thirty and looking back over the past 5 years to see what I've achieved. The book comprises of 365 dated pages from January 1st to December 31st. Each page has 5 spaces labeled to mark the year and at the top of the page is a random question like: Who is your hero? Whats your biggest obstacle right now? What expression do you overuse? What did you want to ignore today? etc...

The Life Planner

Artsy, hipster and cool- it's basically a glorifyed excel spreadsheet but with no printed dates it can be used how ever you find it effective. When I write in my ever-flowing schedule I feel I can really compartmentalise my crazy busy head and feel able and ready to tackle the fourth-coming weeks with a tad less anxiety. It is on the pricey side for a diary but it's worth it to gain a bit more control on your time management. Buy it here.


Pretty Little Liars

This trashy TV series surrounds the lives of 4 enviably-gorgeous girls whose equally gorgeous friend has gone missing. It's good slightly gripping, background viewing. There are 6 Seasons and they still haven't found out who their ever-so cunning pretty unbelievable stalker is and thanks to the meanies of the internet I have known who it is for some time but yet still want to find out when and how they slowly come to the realisation. Also Ian Harding (who plays Ezra Fitz) is my new pin-up. Sorry Enrique Iglesias.


The queen of Sarcasm and someone I believe I would be very good friends with if I ever met. Her videos are short and snappy and full of satire.

Bry and Candice

A young irish newly-wed couple who make videos documenting their travels round the world as well as Bry's 'musical journey' (what a slushy phrase) and Candice's reviews on books and other stuff. They're a very likable couple, gentle humour, fun, nothing to judge- their videos are short and sweet. 

The Sorry Girls

Craft Projects made easy and simple that look great! I love craft tutorials so this channel is binge-watching bliss for me.

First let me vent about my new favourite musical (under Phantom of course). Miss Saigon.
Why Belinda did you not see this earlier???? Why did I have to see it on the last week before it moved to Broadway. A story based on the opera Madame Butterfly, Miss Saigon is set in the midst of the Vietnamese War. Kim, a young, poor woman works as a prostitute is Saigon and falls in love with a GI soldier, Chris. There's a lovely song in which Chris sings about his love for Kim and how she has taken him by surprise by entering his life (Why God Why). The lovers are parted due to the war but are reunited in the second Act, 3 years later when Chris has a new wife. From the get -go I was a crying-mess. The music is so dramatic and beautiful, the words of the songs convey the character's anguish and grief and it's such a rollarcoaster ride of emotion that I was not expecting. My favourite songs are The Movie in My Mind sung by the prostitutes dreaming of a better life (its a good belter) and Maybe sung by Ellen, Chris' new wife. In a story like this the other woman is seen as the problem, the mean one but this song shows Ellen's vulnerability and confusion on accepting Kim returning into Chris' life. This musical should be sponsored by Kleenex!

Artist Recommendations

Foxes- her new album is full of catchy songs and good belters.
Postmodern Jukebox - because they deserve more publicity!
Lapsley- chilled and mellow: love her song 'Falling Short'
Snake Hips (feat. Tinashe and Chance The Rapper) - All My Friends, a catchy r &b number
Red Kites- an English alternative rock band remind me of Kodaline but they really have their own style-really nice vibe.  Check Out their EP 'Circles' and single 'Salt Water'.

Light Therapy 'Wellness' Light
Vitality Wellness Light
The Autumn and Winter time is full of beautiful colours, cosy evenings, rain, my birthday, woodland animals...but one sore point about this time of year is my body seems to repel it. This is the time where I will likely end up with everyone's germs (no matter how long I work with children my immune system is non-existent) and I will subconsciously develop a heightened anxiety-overload. Living in England it's difficult to get your dose of Vitamin D (and a deficiency in this is linked to health issues such as Seasonal Affective Disorder). To combat this desperate people who like to impulse buy unnecessary health-related items use this; it gives out a bright light equivalent to sunlight. I haven't been religiously using it but I have noticed when I have used it for a prolonged session it has lifted my mood and helped me get out of bed when it's mockingly morning time but still pitch black outside.

Acne Treatment Mary Kay
Mary Kay
This 3 piece treatment set has been great for clearing up that wretched 'backne'. Check out my review coming soon! .

Frosted Plum from The Body Shop
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A not-too sweet scent that has been my winter staple. Brought out in their Christmas range it has been very popular so fingers crossed they bring it out again. Love the Bath Fizzers (makes your bath pink and smell divine!), The Shower Gel is so so good and the Body Butter is very, light and moisturising (a little sticky) but leaves your skin smelling sweet, clean and fresh. Iphone Lightning Portable Charger Charger Photo Cradit

Yes Yes, it's not a beauty product but I'm putting it in 'health' in terms of saving my life!!!
I wanted a charger that doesn't need a cable this one is perfect. Just remember to charge it up before you go! (funky blue charging cable included too you just need a plug with a USB port) It's perfect to just shove in your phone and gives you battery power in no time at all. Also comes in really pretty patterns too so very feminine. Only annoyances to this product is that it bulks your phone up and it covers the earphone port, it's also on the pricier side of portable chargers.  I think I got mine on

Next month will most likely be a Homeware Haul due to moving house so stay tuned!!