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Monday, 23 May 2016

Happy Un-Birthday To JustYouandB!

I launched this little blog a year ago today  on 22nd March 2015!!! (whoops) 

So this post is a mark of celebratory 'Yay's that I have kept this virtual-space-of-ramblage going for more than a year and continue to amount pageviews (12,000+ woohoo!) each day.

You may have realised that I have changed my blog 'header', still in working progress but heyho I'll work out my branding one of these days! 

As I have nothing interesting to impart at this moment I shall take a quick trip back to 2015 and the 'journey' of my Blog Headers (how thrilling) *cue swirly flashback screen*


Summing myself in a visual is extremely hard. 

 March 2015

I wanted the design to be personal, have a handmade slightly imperfect finish. I handstitched textured paper that I had previously used in my university portfolio with thread in Autumnal colours (I am an October baby). The buttons belong to a collection that my grandma used to own and that I used to sort and play with as a child. 

 May 2015

This design has a clean, cut quality which is not me at all. I used italic writing close to my own handwriting. I wanted to incorporate the stitching handmade quality to the logo; the patterns and dashes as well as the hexagonal patchwork design.

May 2016

I feel I've semi-achieved the handmade feel with my water-colouring and the lace design B. I love the idea that the patchwork pattern is like honeycomb. B, Bees *yes, yes very clever Belinda* and new italic font to jazz everything up. 

Right there we go 

Here's to more years of ever-changing design, ramblings, reviews and god knows what else. 

And on the topic of Bees I'm off to watch the The Great British Sewing Bee
*swoons over Patrick Grant*