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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Homeware Haul: The non-essentials

I have been in my new place for a month now and love it! It's my own space that I can put my mark on which I love and have been craving too for so long. Here is a collection of Homeware related loveliness I have purchased recently.

Wooden Weekly Organiser with Clock
 Next ~  £45

Due to having a horrendous short term memory I have become a big list writer! These lists are often located on copious notepads or the 'Notes' app on my phone and are often then lost, screwed up or forgotten about!  This display organiser is invaluable for checking I have everything before I leave the house. It has a cute chalkboard panel for every day of the week with enough space to write up your day or stuff to remember. These panels can be removed easily from the display too. Chalk and a heart shaped sponge to clean off the boards is included as well as a small analog clock display and key hooks. A very useful wall decor for my hallway!

Geometric Fruit Bowl
Tiger ~ £4 

Looking for that perfect fruit bowl is one of those time wasting necessities in life like finding the perfect teapot. My fruity needs (?!) have been fulfilled with this pleasing geometric diamond shaped wire bowl in mint green. It's spacious and lets you see how much expensive fruit you haven't eaten yet as they start to rot in front of your very eyes... but... Geometric patterns are so in and I love this a little too much. 

Metalware Hurricane Votive
Anthropologie ~ £10

Yes more geometry! Copper plated anything is also very on-trend. I picked up two of these glass votives which can be candle holders or could hold a little succulent or teeny tiny fairy lights. Not sure what I'll use them for other than imagining myself in miniature form trying to catch gold tickets in them- Crystal Maze stylee.

Neko Cat Mug
Anthropologie ~ £12

I do not need any more mugs- so I went out and bought some more naturally. But come on these are so god damn cute! Perfect round satisfying size to hold your tea and perfect for the crazy cat lady I am. There is another design in the series but I couldn't justify buying 3 £12 mugs so I went for these two...

Multi Drawer Unit
W H Smith ~ £13.99

I have two of these drawer units with equally striking patterns and despite their compact size they hold so much stuff! The drawers are so long that I can fit a lot of my stationary in the one pictured above and another is used for my ever-growing hoard of makeup because I've finally reached adult-hood (hah!) I would reccomend these!

BHS Photo Credit

Vintage Casey (Denim Floral) Bedspread
BHS ~ £45.00

My new place lacks a bedroom so I sleep in what is effectively my lounge. I didn't want to have my double bed taking up my living space so I opted for a Day- Sofa bed from IKEA. I bought this lovely bedspread to cover over the mattress to make it more sofa less bed when I have visitors round for tea. Theres a great range of shabby chic vintage style bedspreads at BHS and they are all on sale due to the company going into administration so buy them quick! The pattern is also reversible which is very versatile.

100 Fairy Lights
Amazon Lights4fun ~ £9.99 

Bedroom goals achieved!! I'm so pleased with how these lights look around my sofa-bed. They give off a lovely warm cozy glow. There is nothing else to say about these other than to apologize for the rubbish pic of them. I'll try and snap a better pic soon.

I'm sure I will pick up some more homeware non-essentials soon so I'll update them on this post!