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Monday, 2 January 2017

Hello 2017

2016, a year of loss, political trauma and general woe. 

However two personal happys came out of 2016- I moved into my own place and completed my home with 2 fluffy bundles of fun: kittens, Leon and Poppy. 

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I finally went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time, which was epic and something I hope to continue to visit each year. 

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These are three main positives that happened and that I can easily recall- which bothers me. Surely there was more happiness!? I want to document the year more in a physical sense (as well as online), scrapbook the main events, print out more photos, and keep an account of all the little things too. There's also a trip to Japan coming up, another visit to the Edinburgh fringe festival and my sister's wedding- so it's set to be a very exciting year to remember! 

In 2016, I lost a friend who I have known since I was a child. Cancer took her too soon and she has left a massive void in the lives of so many I know. This is the first time I have experienced losing someone in my life (that I saw regularly) that is not due to old age. It really shakes you up and makes you re-evaluate life and how precious time is. I worry and overthink so much about possible outcomes and consequences that I forget to live in the now. I want to use all the lovely things I've hoarded over the years: ie craft supplies and toiletries...and use them and enjoy them now! 

This year, I want to dance more. I dance ballroom and latin twice a week but on top of this I want to get out there and social dance more. (I've already purchased some new lindy hop shoes!) That being said the one thing preventing me doing this regularly is the absence of a dance partner. A man who is at my level of dancing, my age, my height and someone whose fun to be around doesn't seem to exist yet (well he did and moved away *cough*Liam*cough*) 
So my hunt will continue!