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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Labeley | January 2017 Faves

This month I came across a website that allows you to be creative as well as organised and well, if like me you swoon over anything stationary-related then read on! 

Labeley is a website that allows you to design and create customised stickers, labels, signs and emoji's for just about anything! There is no limit on how many you make and it's free to create a design. There is no signup needed unless you want to save and adjust your design at a later date. The creator tool allows you to resize images, change colours and upload your own photos so you can really create one of a kind designs. 

You can save the images to your computer and print at home for free, share them online or choose to have them professionally printed by Labeley for a fee (they ship from Europe worldwide). In regards to using their printing service, the pricing is competitive and reasonable in regards that it allows you to order a minimum of 30 stickers for a fair price so you don't have to waste money and materials bulk buying stickers if you don't need so many. 

There are lots of options of finish to choose from too:

The site has an extensive range of options to create your designs: label shapes, colours, fonts, boarders, graphics, space for text. 

Screenshots of a small collection of examples.

I love the quirky tool to create your own beer and wine bottle labels- that'd be such a nice touch to a gift, showing a little more thought on the bog standard present when you don't know what else to get them other than alcohol!

Screenshot of Labely's Wine/Beer Bottleneck label maker

The fact you can print the images at home means creativity is limitless, furthermore the graphics are royalty-free so anything you create can be used on your makes and bakes that you sell at markets or online! 

An example to adorn your baked goods or craft wares

I would consider using this tool to create and print graphics onto fabric- just print onto transfer paper and iron on your designs. Parents could do all their kid's clothing labels this way.


I especially wanted to share this website service as I think it'd be a great tool for teachers (or parents/carers) wanting to create more personalised reward stickers. I work with children with Autism and at school we are forever coming up with resources that are personalised to the individual. This site allows you to upload your own photo so a special toy or cartoon character could be uploaded and used to make a colourful sticker as a reward token to motivate them at school or in their home routines.

There are so many options to personalise your stickers.

Other ideas that come to mind include making personalised cloakroom peg labels or subject-related book labels for children to take pride in their work and their belongings (I miss those days of choosing the right wrapping paper to cover my school books) -it's the little things!

Throughout the Labeley site there is no way of losing your designs without a reminder to save or reset the design before you leave the current page. This feature is so useful!!


Now, being a member of teaching staff at a primary school I know full well how miserable wet play can be or when you've got to fill in time and a song or story book just won't cut it. If you've got access to an Interactive Whiteboard the new feature on Labeley's website the 'Emoji' category could be a blessing! 

The emoji's popularity has exploded over the last few years and has become a regular form of visual communication in our fast-paced and instant world. These cute little faces are familiar to everyone especially children. Emojis are found on all sorts of accessories, clothes, stationary and there's even an emoji family film coming out this August! 

With the Labeley Emojis tool you can create as many emojis as you like, no matter your design skills. It is a very simple-to-use app that will increase your power of expression and help you create most diverse emojis for any occasion, and save them to your computer to do whatever you want with them completely anonymously. Perhaps you can use this tool as a fun alternative way to teach 'emotions and feelings' to your class or use it as a computer club activity. 

It's super easy to use too:

To start designing all you need to do is select the shape for your emoji

Then, choose the background colour for your emoji.

Afterwards, choose eyebrows, eyes, mouth, noses, glasses etc (which you can resize or rotate) for your emoji design. You can also add special text message to your emoji to make it more personalised or upload any photo and transform it into an emoji. 

Once your emoji is done, you can save it by clicking on the Save Label button. Your design will appear on the left side of the screen in the My Designs section. Right-click on the design and select the Save as option if you want to download your emoji on your PC.

Easy Peasy! 

There's now a World Emoji Day coming up on July 17th so this app will be perfect!