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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Day 47, Day 48 #The100DayProject

Day 47
I went to my first big reunion.
A Yr 2 reunion! I hadn't seen some of the girls for 17 years!
It was great seeing everyone, how they have established themselves in the big wide world but still very recognisable from those innocent days of growing beans in a jar, believing in an 'alien tree' (though I don't remember this) and constantly losing (or winning) at the Easter bonnet parade.


Day 48

Eurovision Party 2015

On arrival everyone picked a country out of bowl (I got Germany!)

 The rules: 'You celebrate their triumphs & drown in their sorrows.'
and a long list of drinking rules (see pic)

Pre-planned were the hosts with a 'booby prize' if you picked out Australia:
- a can of Fosters
- a 'shrimp on the Barbie' 
- wear a Kangaroo suit all evening.

thankfully the tribute was game!

The evening was rounded up with Card Against Humanity
- a staple for all parties! 


Day 47

Dress-making with Peggy.


Day 48

 Peggy presents the UK's votes.
at last night's Eurovision Song Contest.

Nigella Lawson was a figment of everyone's imagination.