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Sunday, 24 May 2015

My Eurovision 2015 Ponderings

So last night was the 60th Eurovision Song Contest held in Austria. 

If your new to this, its a huge competition set in last year's winning country where entries from 27 countries perform 1 song (often with cheesy lyrics, a lot of pyrotechnics and acts intended to shock and stand out). The programme is aired across 40 countries in Europe (and this year Australia) who collate their votes from 1 point-12 points. It's tradition that the hosting country put on a great cultural display that could compete with the opening ceremony of the Olympics! I'd be interested to know how different countrie's commentate the programme- the UK programme is commentated by the ever dry, witty Graham Norton (who took over from Sir Terry Wogan). A rollicking brawl of British sarcasm from that man's mouth- hilarious!

In true patriotic style I went to my first full Eurovision Party last night and it was a blast! My #100daysofhappy day 48 gives an idea of last night's mayhem!

Watching all the acts I came to a few conclusions:

There were a lot of impersonators!

Russell Howard sang for Sweden
whilst Louise Tomlinson serenaded Europe from Estonia 
and a young Kate Middleton graced her presence from Hungary

And then wild card Australia channeled Bruno Mars 
and Austria stole James Bay's style.

then we had some inanimate object look a likes

Shower puff hair accessory from Serbia
and road kill from Georgia

 United Kingdom's Electric Velvet went The Apprentice meets
Gypsy Weddings with their LED costumes.

I actually really loved Hungary's War for Nothing song but anyone else think it sounded so much like Pink's Dear Mr. President song?

Nowadays past Taboos/Issues are being addressed and I felt this years competition did not hold back on the lets be politically correct 'tokens'. I'm not going to pinpoint these performances with images as I'll get abuse. But I'll name them: Hungary's WORLD PEACE, Poland in a wheel chair, France's not too old to take part, Lithuania's LOVE, Serbia's 'curves', Italy's Opera is cool. I'm sure there were probably many more...

There were too few pianos, a lack of singing in their first language!!! (another discussion) and not enough costume changes. BUT very strong entries. *waves large cultural flags* My favourites were Australia for their mo-town funk, Austria for their understated One Republic stylings and Hungary's depressing ballad.

Did anyone else notice there was A LOT of SCAT. You know : Bebop ba-do-wop... not complaining I love scat singing though not sure about Spain's Ee i e i o.

The winner this year was Sweden with their song Heroes. Good-looking guy, big song, clever projection- not amazing but a worthy winner!


*All images from Google Images- I do not own any of the images*