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Saturday, 25 July 2015

50 Facts About Me.

I was born in October and a very true Libra. 

 I have always had trouble falling to sleep at night. 

I went to an all-girls Convent school up to the age of 16 and probably why I supposedly speak 'well posh'.

I have an irrational fear of the Solar System. I can't look at pictures of planets without freaking out. I find it overly-fascinating, so much so that it makes me shudder at the great unknown and it's expanse; there are no edges...

I have forms of Dyslexia.

I detest the sound of chewing or loud swallowing. It literally makes me shudder! I have to move away from said eater. I even dislike the sound of my own chewing.

I am a Ballroom and Latin (social) dancer and can also Tap. I used to do Ballet too but stopped before I could go on pointe :( sad times.

My favourite musical of all-time is Phantom of the Opera and have seen it backstage 2 times and from the front, about 12 times. Only in London.

I can bell-ring (as in church bells) and my preferred bell is the 4th.

My hand-width can stretch to 10 keys on a keyboard. Like Rachmaninoff.

From the age of 11-19 I had a huge obsession with Enrique Iglesias. I own all of his albums from 1996-2003.

I love animals and have always owned rodents: Mice, rats, guinea pigs, gerbils and now a hedgehog!

When I was younger I always wanted to be an 'Artist'.

I have a sweet tooth but the only deserts I will not eat are Tirimisu and Banoffee Pie- just too sickly for me and Trifle: I hate custard especially the blobby, concealed variety.

I hate anything that flies round me. Bats, Butterflies, Birds... at the age of 4 I was taken to a butterfly aquarium and reportedly tried stamping on all of the rare species who dared flutter by me!

My earliest memory is of myself aged three being asked by my sister to go and get frozen sweetcorn from the freezer (or mum) which I did obligingly then sat and ate it under the slide in the garden. Simple Days.

I am a chronic nail biter.

If I were a boy....I'd be called Michael Charles (bleugh!) Apologies if you, Michael Charles are reading this.

I had braces when I was 20-21 years old.

I have never (as far as I know) had Chicken Pox.

 My fave ice cream flavour is Pistachio.

I would really like a pet micro pig in which I would name 'Moo' (anyone who has seen Brittany Murphy's Uptown Girls will understand) but you need a license and I need to move out first and find a landlord willing to house a pet pig...

My favourite season is Autumn: birthday, autumnal colours suit me fashion-wise, and the trees look pretty!

My favourite colour in Purple.

I have a First degree in Theatre Practice: Prop-making... where I learned to make hats, weld metal, paint faux effects, cut wood, learnt prosthetics and then realised a lot of prop making is mould-making which I disliked muchly so in my final year I wrote a 10,000 word essay on my hatred of it.

I Love London. It's my favourite city boasting amazing art galleries, theatres, attractions, history, culture and shopping. Where ever I end up living, it has to have a good link into London!
Though I would like to change the pavements: 1 fast walkers lane and a slow dawdling tourist lane.

My girl-crush is Kate Middleton aka The Duchess of Cambridge.
She's so down-to-earth, loves art and how art can help children with difficulties which is of great interest to me. Plus she is gorgeous and I love that she shops at high-street stores.

 I can only wink my right eye.

I have never smoked (ok, apart from that ONE time) but adore the smell of it! I miss the days of public smoking in pubs- that beer and smoke smell clogging up my lungs mmm.

I can play the piano and Celtic harp.

I am far from sporty but I was once asked to be on the school's Netball Team (can you believe it!) but I declined to pursue music...and I fear they only asked me for my height *tiny violin*

My first phone was a Nokia 33-10 which I was given at the age of 10 so I wouldn't be jealous of my sister!

My favourite language is Spanish.

 My default face is a startled, perplexed look and has always been like this since I was a baby (apparently). 

 I have sung (in a chorus of singers) at the Royal Albert Hall.

My lullaby as a child was a hummed version of Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade 3 The Young Prince and Princess - see my  Desert Island Discs Post.

I can't dive.

I make a lot of lists and will write an already completed task at the top so I can ritually cross it off straight away -ha!

My all-time favourite song is Dare You To Move by Switchfoot, not for it's musicality greatness but for the nostalgia it brings.

I would have ideally been born in the 40s so i could grow up with the music, fashion, tea-dances and make do and mend attitude to life, wear halter-neck puffed up dresses in the 50s and tut at the youth of the day going off the rails in the 60s.

 On a day-to-day basis I do not wear make up and very proud of the fact I don't feel the need to hide behind a layer of grime!

I love English Breakfast Tea: Milk no sugar.

I lived in one pair of Black Velveteen trousers when I was 7 years to about the age of 9- when I grew out of my pair I wore to my sisters'!

I love thrillers and horror films/ documentaries and fascinated with the weird and wonderful!

I am in the small unlucky % of adults who hasn't grown out of Abdominal Migraines. merhh :(

My first job was at a Cat Hotel.

I passed my driving test first time! ... but then I only learnt on an Automatic car so I could pass quickly.

My favourite flower is a Gerbera.

I love looking at old photographs or old film footage and learning about the past and uncovering my family history.

I hate the number 72.

-Well that was an anti-climax-