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Saturday, 1 August 2015

July Favourites

July has been super busy with the school year slowly coming to an end and my god it went slowly! Then I jetted off to Germany for a few days to stay with family friends and now I am finally able to Just Be (oh that would have made a good blog name) these treats have been helping me along the way!

Go Ahead used to have yummy biscuits with an apricot top back in the 90s/00s but they shelved them. I've been on the look out for something similar since (also orange mini rolls! Ooh the orange mini-roll hole in my life is still very big!) and these biscuits are the closest thing to those Go Ahead treats. They come in packs of 2 which is a great portion size for a mid-morning snack with tea or coffee. Apricot jam and a tangy plain yoghurt filling are sandwiched between 2 large oaty biscuits. They are also come in a Strawberry variety too although they are quite sickly and not as nice in my opinion. I have only found them at Waitrose so far for £2.79 for a pack of 5.

Unfortunately only available in Germany but a vintage-y vibe with lace, pastels, cruppled, worn-look. I had a clothes binge at Peek & Cloppenburg department store. Here are a few pieces I bought on my recent trip. I will be buying dying the pale blue dress as it washes me out a bit it was just so cute!

My holiday staple.  In Germany 'Eiskaffee' is taken to the next level with whipped cream, wafer and and if your lucky, scoops of ice cream! Caffinated, chilled goodness. Having an on-the-go trip it was a much needed pick-me-up! Does anyone reccomend a particular iced coffee from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero that I could try?

~ Itunes 99p~
Featured on the 250th Year Anniversary Advert for Lloyds Bank this is a lovely sorrowful song with the beautiful sound of Birdy. Not a big fan of the original arrangement of the song but this acoustic version is stunning! Nice to sing also in my deep alto range.

Sweet sugary drops of heaven. I first saw these on The Simpsons and have finally tried this over-expensive cereal treat with weirdly named 'marshmallows'. Frosted wholegrain cereal with multi-coloured articifial pieces similar to aerated ice-cream. Great with milk or great on it's own. In the UK, found at Garden Centres, farm shops and online.

Now I don't understand the appeal of watching other people eating numerous amounts of junk food (no, not in a feederism way!!)  complaining that they don't like most flavours of 'candy' or chocolate and rating each E numbered snack but it's strangely addictive. I love foreign foods, the packaging, i'm fascinated by typography and curious about ways in which things are marketed and I am a connoisseur of all things chocolate and I'm admitting this sad waste of time to you all.
If you are also curious about what other divine treats are out there but out of reach check out:

(L-R) YoucanallmeA- a British girl (who reminds me so much of 2 of my old school friends) with that classic British 'miranda hart-esque' humour. She does other skits as well but mainly tries a lot of American foods.
Cheeky Tam- an Aussie who samples food from around the world and gets up dropping most of it.
Elly Awesome- another Aussie who is so over-enthusiastic about the whole thing and seems to actually like everything!

H &M Hooded Jacket- £14.99 (now on sale in limited stock)
Great fit, affordable, very warm and cosy, light enough for summer, classic style. Great selection of colours. I love the green and have now purchased the plum colour too: they've recently got new stock online of these hoodies. (Image) 

This was my first Summer read: I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh~ £7.99 or Kindle Edition £3.99
Genre: mystery, crime, thriller, psychological (reminded me a teensy bit of 'Safe Haven') 

Think Nicholas Sparks minus the slush more the suspense! This book has challenged by perceptions; making me question the narrative. It has made me love and hate the characters through the twists and turns of the story and made me cringe and feel uneasy toward one particular man's voice as the story deals with a somewhat relatable and topical issue. I really do reccomend this novel it's gripping, gritty but with a good amount of unrequited love with a yearning for happiness. The chapters are not too long and swings between different character's lives and setting so if your a slow reader (like me) it is not too heavy-going and easy to 'block read' and take a break from it but towards the end it's so fast paced and gripping you won't want to put it down! 


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