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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Happy Birthday Ma'am

Yesterday marked her maj's 90th Birthday and all across Britain there have been street parties and bunting covered roads. I would say that I am quintessentially British: with that well-spoken, well-pronounced often mistaken for 'posh' accent and are known for devouring large quantities of tea and cake. I approve of the royal family, love good ol' traditions and the American spell-checker infuriates me when it urges me to get rid of the 'U' in 'OU' words. So here's a Q&A with a British twist!

1. How many cups of tea do you have a day? How many sugars?

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I love English Breakfast Tea. Pretty Strong with a bit of milk. No Sugar. (Although I do like scooping out sugary tea at the bottom of a cup). I always have 1 cuppa in the morning, then possibly one more when I arrive at work (the calm before the storm), another throughout the morning and then one at 4 o'clock after work with obligatory slice of cake. Then I'll have a Lemon and Ginger brew if I'm needing extra warmth and comfort in the evening.

I will drink Green Tea, Rooibos at a push, chai/WinterSpice if it's teamed with sugary niceness and chamomile out of sleep desperation...otherwise I dislike herbal tea (or Earl Grey) greatly. 

2. FavoUrite part of your roast?
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My childhood was lacking in Yorkshire puddings. I had my first one about 5 years ago- crazy times! So still quite a novelty my favourite part is the Yorkshire pud! Love that puff. 

3. FavoUrite dunking biscuit?
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Dunking Biscuit is a very different kettle of fish to favourite Biscuit. They've got to withstand heat, liquid and still stay intact. So I'll go for a Maryland Chocolate Chip biscuit for dunkability because they're small and it's ok if you devour the whole pack throughout the course of your cup(s) of tea. Also biscuits to dunk into coffee is again a different matter: so it's the humble plain chocolate digestive that gets my vote. 
4. FavoUrite quintessentially British pastime?
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Ranting. Moaning. Looking Grumpy on Public Transport. Grr-ing and mouthing 'mooove' at slow daudling people, and eating minute finger sandwiches and tartlets on a silver platter with a vat of tea.

5. FavoUrite word?


6. Most used phrase(s)?  

'What a palava!', 'what a kerfuffle', 'Holy Moly', 'Oh yee gods' 'f*** sake', 
I seem to exclaim alot of emotion...

7. Cockney rhyme slang?

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I got a call on the old dog and bone so I went down the apple and pears and I couldn't Adam and Eve it- it was the old Baked Bean herself! hmm... Check out Bill Bailey's Cockney Music sketch- it's a lot better than my attempt!

8. FavoUrite sweet?

bubblegum fizzy bottles, fizzy watermelons and filled cable sweets.

9. What would your pub be called?
The Bell Inn.

Then you can all make the same joke you all find hilarious when you realise it sounds like my name-
-Where are we going?
-To the Bell Inn duhhhh

10. No.1 British person?

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The soft calming tones of David Attenborough - he should bring out a series of guided meditation and hypotherapy we'd all sleep alot better.

11. FavoUrite shop / Restaurant?

Anthropologie, New Look, Giraffe, Harrods and any traditional pub. I have always loved the pub smell: beer and smoke mmm.

12. What British song pops into your head?
God Save the Queen...oh dear how very proper and sensible of me.

 12. Marmite?
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Well I have always declared myself a marmite hater. But I don't think I've actually tried it with my adult taste-buds. And don't intend to. 
How are you celebrating the Queen's Birthday?

Toodle Pip!