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Monday, 13 June 2016

May Faves

Super late but heyho!

The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter 200ml

I do find Body Shop butters a bit sticky so allow lots of time for them to sink in before going out or apply them at night but I do find them great to give an all over body moisturize with the thick consistancy and the large amount you get in a pot- these products last! Why is it a current fave? holy moly this smell is divine! It smells like a raspberry pavalova! The price is a little steep but the body shop often batch products together for a cheaper price (this one came with a raspberry scrub).


Burt's Bees Nourishing Lip Balm in Mango
£3.99 Squires

Rose and Almond Oil Vaseline
£1 Boots

Burts Bees are a very reputable brand although again on the pricey side. I picked up this lip balm with some cuticle cream in a special sale. I would really reccomend this product! It's very light and hydrating with a very yummy smell. 

The tinted Rosy Lips Vaseline lip balm has also been great for adding a little subtle colour to my worn out face! I've added it on top of lipsticks too to give them a little shine and too stop my lips from drying out.


Salt of the Earth Deodrant
£4.99 Wholefoods

This product is basically a rock of salt. Nothing more just salt- lick it if you don't believe me!
(don't. that was a bad idea...)
Seeing as keeping sweat-free is seemly impossible I was weary of this but it actually works. There is no fragrance but it does keep you dry. It even stood the quick step ballroom dancing test and passed!
Now it is all natural and there is a question over if Alum is good for you but it's gotta be better than the chemical stuff (see below) I've also found to be very powerful!


Sure Max Protection
£5.00 Supermarkets

Not natural and very pricey but this is the best deodorant on the market for me! 
He keeps you dry for 48 hours (I'm not likely to skip washing but good to know) 
It comes in a range of scents that are very fresh and pleasent smelling. It's easy to apply and lasts a fair amount of time, but the price does put me off, so try and grab it on offer!


Vita Coco Coconut Oil
£4.99 Wholefoods

Eat It, Wear It, Swear By It.

This pot is my bathroom staple at the moment for a natural makeup remover. Eye makeup practically melts away, it's gentle on the skin, hydrating and smells yummy too. It does leave skin a bit greasy so best to be used for the end of the day/bed time routine.


Winding Key
£3.99 The Body Shop

This is great for eeking out toothpaste and creams from plastic or foil tubes. There is always so much product left that tends to get thrown away so this winding key is an invaluable purchase.


Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser
£15.00 Boots

Yes everyone's been raving about it, but it really is lovely! Check out my review here


Music Faves this Month 
£0.99 Itunes

 TV show Fave of the Month

The Great British Sewing Bee BBC 2 

A competition where amateur sewers take on 3 dressmaking challenges where they show their skills in reading patterns, alterating clothing and creating a show stopper outfit aligning to the particular theme that week. If your a crafter, you'll love this!