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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Mary Kay Skincare: Review

Disclaimer: I am not being paid to review these products. I have used my own money to buy these products and aim to review and promote them fairly and honestly. If I was paid to review a product or sent a product I would sign it with an Asterisk (*).

I recently discovered a beauty/skincare range called Mary Kay. Check out more info on Mary Kay here.

UPDATED 16/5/15
This test trial is the Satin Hands in Peach from Mary Kay: £32.00

Presentation Bag- Fancy!
Satin Hands Set is a 3-step system

 The bag contains:
  • An info booklet
  • Hand Softener (60g)
  • Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub (220g)
  • Hand cream (85g)
Also available in Honeydew and Fragrance-Free.
 I am blessed with normal dry-free hands. However I abuse them a lot with a lot of quick non-drying hand washing and dry hand sanitizing due to working with germy children.
I am also a chronic nail/skin biter- I have always done it- it's become a nervous-tic .

Step 1: Hand Softener
The Softener
Thick, waxy consistency, comes out of tube slowly so you can measure small amount onto hands.
The smell is woody like opening a drawer in a old National Trust Landmark house! (great simile!)
Massaging it into my hands and between my fingers my hands feels greasy (I'm leaving a thin residue on my keyboard as I type) and above all my hands feel hot!

Hand: after rubbing in product.

Step 2: Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub

The Scrub before rubbing in.
Easy Pump action.

The smell is delicious! Think Peach Melba sweets or archers in the sun. If your not a sweet tooth then you may find the smell quite overpowering and can opt for the Fragrance-Free in the same range.
The texture is very gritty, like sand but its easy to massage into your hands. It has a peachy tint to it.

The Scrub
Fully 'Scrubbed'
When washing off the product, under the tap my hands already felt super soft, 'velvety' (haha we're getting a bit sensual here). Now dry they are incredibly smooth and soft and smell clean and faintly of the sweet peach.

 Step 3: Hand cream
The Hand Cream
At this rate I'm inclined to stop as my hands feel amazing! But we'll 'crack' on with the last step.
The white cream feels very light to apply. It states it is non-greasy but my hands feel like they have a 'stiff' residue and a hot clammy feeling.

An hour later and my hands are soft but still feel that post hand-cream feeling which compared to before the cream is not as soft. However it has sorted out the soreness in my chewed finger-tips!
A few hours later and the residue feeling has gone and the skin around my cuticles and nails is not dry and feels 'stronger'.

Overall its a luxurious treatment and would make a lovely gift- the smell is divine!
Yes, it only takes 5 minutes tops and easy to do if you are by a tap/bowl of water however practically for me it is too much of a faff- I'm a quick-fix kinda gal! I can't envisage this becoming a routine and its way over my price-range too.

If you want another opinion check All My Musings for her review on this product.


UPDATED 3/5/15
Another product from the Mary Kay skincare range. This time from the 'Botanical effects' range.

The Botanical Effects range is more suitable for younger and sensitive skin types and comes in different formulas: Dry to Normal skin and Combination to Oily (there are more formulas and sets available in the US) Each skin type range has 3 products to be used together: To Cleanse, To Freshen and To Hydrate as well as a face mask.

Mary Kay Botanical Effects Face Mask
113g £15.00

 'This moisturizing, creamy, botanical-enriched mask gently exfoliates skin and removes impurities...will help your skin feel nourished and renewed.'

The texture is light although as it is a mask is slightly heavier than the Time Wise cleanser. You only need to use a 'dollop' for your face.  The product is white and contains little grit giving it a rough texture- which does feel like particles of sand but it isn't unpleasant!

This product can be used as a scrub or as a mask when left on for 10 minutes. I felt my face go quite tingly when I first used this as a mask so I have been using it as a scrub ever since. It is advised to be used 2-3 times a week in the evening. I don't use it that often, only when I feel my skin needs a lift. And I gotta say waking up in the morning my face feels super soft and my tired blemished face looks fresher and generally pimply-free.

Washing off the product is my bug-bear! Unless you are conveniently in a shower it is quite difficult to ensure all the grit has been washed off. When you've got all the pesky particles off your face it does feel in need of a moisturising and is recommended to be followed by the Botanical Effects Hydrate. I used my Timewise moisturiser because I like living on the edge! (and don't own Hydrate)

The science-sounding botanical element in this product is Flaxseed and Sea Kelp extracts:

"Formula 1 for dry skin also includes these unique botanicals:

  • Flaxseed Extract – a rich source of fatty acids
    • Flaxseed is one of the richest plant sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to help moisturise and help relieve dry skin of discomfort.
  • Sea Kelp Extract – important for moisturisation
    • A type of sea algae, sea kelp is known as a source of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids important for moisturisation and skin balance."  -    Taken from MaryKay website                                           
These ingredients differ from the Botanical extracts in the Combination to Oily skin type range which is great as the products are tailored to your skin type.

The smell is quite clinical but not off-putting its a sort of generic moisturiser smell a bit like 'Oilatum'.

Overall I like this product as a skin treat and I will continue to use it alongside the Timewise Cleanser and Moisturiser. I would be interested in trying the Hydrate Moisturiser to see the benefits of using the 2 products together. I would recommend this face mask for tired-looking young skin. I wouldn't recommend it for older skin as the grit is a lot more abrasive than the Timewise 3-in-1 cleanser.


UPDATED 18/4/15
I have 'normal skin' and for the past month been using the 3-in-1 Time Wise Cleanser and Time Wise Age-Fighting Moisturiser.

To increase the benefit of using the 3-in-1 cleanser I purchased the Skinvigorate™ Cleansing Brush. The price is a little intimidating but at £35.00* it's one of the lowest in price cleansing brushes around (take that Clinique!)

The brush comes with 2 heads and an information booklet. (Remember you also have your local consultant for tips and reminders too)

Skinvigorate™ Cleansing Brush
How its comes (Note: the top brush has been used!)

This lightweight, robust brush easily slots into your skin care routine used on a wet face with a cleanser. Its advised to use it twice daily with your cleanser ... pfft! no, that's not going to happen now, is it Mary?
Instead due to Life getting in the way I have used the brush on alternate days in a two week period. In fact it has increased the amount I have cleansed as it is even less effort on my part and acts as a reminder.

The bristles are super soft and it doesn't feel abrasive on your face. The unit is waterproof (although not to be plunged into water) and is battery operated- so no need to charge and you can keep it in the bathroom.  The brush has an on/off button and a button for 2 motion settings- slow/fast. The buttons are placed at 'hand height' but don't get turned on/off by accident easily as they need a good direct push. The heads are cleaned in warm water. They advise replacing the heads every 3 months and a replacement head for two is £8.00- very reasonable! This is a good amount of time until replacement although I feel the brushes wouldn't last that long if you were using it twice every day a tango-tan queen!

The Brush with head.
>The first week I found my skin tended to go red after the application. Possibly too much pressure? or my skin not used to having a deep clean? (that makes me sound like a tramp) using the cleanser before a night out was irritating with an already embarrassed-looking face: that usually happens later on in the evening!

>Second week and its sorted out the pimply spots round the edge of my face completely! I have recently been having detoxing massages and breakouts have been sprouting all over the place...(hickey type spots= eugh!) Well this has been sorted out. The blackheads on my nose have been reduced too. Due to the breakout and hot weather (us Brits are not used to heat!) I have been needing to cleanse my back and front. The spots here although are still stubbornly there- they have stopped spreading.

The description claims that it boosts the absorption of your next skin care step. I would agree with this, I follow the cleansing with the Mary Kay Time Wise Age-Fighting Moisturiser (see below) and it literally sinks (hmm, 'melts' sounds more sensual) into my face very quickly feeling light and supple so you don't get that shiny, sticky face look. My skin now doesn't feel like it has been scrubbed, it feels 'toned', and clean. The pic below shows the effects of the brush on the left and hand-use on the right (don't worry your skin doesn't become double pigmented!) The pink is the make-up residue.

Mary Kay image on back of Skinvigorate Brush box
It claims to remove makeup 85% better than cleansing by hand - advised to use for 15 seconds on areas of the face (pinpointed in the information booklet that comes with the brush) it definitely takes less effort and I was more inclined to use it for the longer periods than I was when using the cleanser by hand. It would be helpful to have a timer built in which the unit lacks- counting 1 Heffalump, 2 Heffalump... doesn't have the glamorous appeal. 
As I don't cement foundation over my face everyday I can't judge it fairly on the above claim but with a light layer of foundation on a night out the brush did take the makeup off successfully.

Compared to other products on the market, I would recommend this brush. Being generally spot-free I don't think its essential to my skin routine but does improve the use of the cleanser and moisturiser. I feel it will last me a long time so a good investment in terms of price.

*Having hosted a Mary Kay Party I was able to get a discount off this purchase!


Published: 30/3/15

I was invited to try some of their products and I gotta say I am now a convert! (and no there isn't a gun at my head nor am I being paid to say this). My skin is 'normal' (what ever that means) and I have been spreading Nivea grease on it as a means to keep spots at bay and to feel like I have some grown-up control on life. 

The range is extensive and suits all types of skin. I have been using The 3-in-1 Time Wise Cleanser for Normal/Dry skin and the Time Wise Moisturiser for Combination/oily.
Time Wise 3 in 1 & Moisturiser
(L/R photo credit: Mary

3-in-1 Time Wise Cleanser. Normal/Dry
127 g £20.00

On the outside: A white cream with tiny pink 'grit' or 'cleaning beads' and a pleasant 'clean' smell.
This product:
 >cleanses- takes off makeup (not eyes) effortlessly, its easy to apply in circular motions. (Wet face/neck first)

 >exfoliates- grit is a strong word, the pink 'beads' are so smooth and tiny it doesn't feel like rubbing sand into your face!  The cluster of blackheads that congregate on my T-zone have significantly reduced.

>refreshes- you know that tight skin feeling after a bath/using cheapo products? this sorts that out. My skin feels soft and supple.

Time Wise Age-Fighting Moisturiser. Combination/Oily.
88 ml £22.00

On the outside: A light, white cream with a pleasant (slightly clinical) smell.

The moisturiser sinks into the skin quickly without leaving a greasy/shiny residue. Its very light and kind to the skin. Easy to apply. Despite being generally spot-free (touch wood) I do have invisible pimply spots framing my face (and cleavage)-these products have sorted that out. They are good preventatives although I feel they are not 'hardcore' enough for people prone to acne.

A little goes a long way which is good as my only gripe is the price- but you pay for quality right?
Its advised to use the product every day. Well, call me a rebel, I use it on my time schedule (or when I remember!) After 3 weeks usage I still have spots but they have definitely reduced- I'm more impressed with the cleanliness of my pores!

Satin Lips (photo credit: Mary

Satin Lips, Lip Mask + Lip Balm.  
8 g each. £19.00

This product is literally a Lip saver!! I get dry cracked lips and often bite the skin off (a nervous-tic) so when it comes to applying lipstick it looks clumpy.

First apply the lip mask: a white creamy paste, in circular motions. You apply it until the product feels 'stiff'. The mask exfoliates your lips and eases off all the dead skin (mmm).

Wash the product off with water and then smooth over the balm, a glorified Vaseline that melts into the lips leaving them soft- there isn't a long-lasting sticky film over the lips and your lips feel primed for lipstick! (I've said lips too much the word sounds weird)

Again because of the price I will be using it on occasion. I'm a make-do-and-mend type so I feel I'd rather pay this money for quality rather than ruining my lips for the quick fix baking soda and toothbrush method!

A little more about me and *speaks in sensual voice* The Mary Kay Experience.

(credit: Jules McAllister)
My skincare/beauty regime is generally non-exsistant. In fact I pride myself on not feeling the need to pave over my natural looks in layers of foundation and muck- perhaps why I have minimal spots! I  I'd rather have an extra half hour of sleep in the mornings than put my face together!

Growing up with an older sister who doesn't wear make-up I missed out on that experimental phase of looking 13 going on now I'm blindly finding my way through the overly complex world of makeup application and skin polishing! So with Mary Kay you have access to your own local consultant to help you understand how to use the products and whats right for you. My consultant, Jules is super friendly, passionate about the brand and thanks to social media always on hand for any questions. There is a 90-day money back guarantee- take that QVC!  and the order is placed through the consultant so you can trust that products will arrive with care and consideration! They also come in a lovely bag- who doesn't love those fancy bags?! (AND FREEBIES! gosh life is looking up!)

So in a nutshell I'd recommend this brand. They are very centered on the customer. There are ways to reap rewards too by hosting Mary Kay parties which I hope to 'blog' about soon as well as more products. Stay Tuned.

B  xx

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