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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Day 23 #The100DayProject

 Nope unfortunately not a wedding photo, 
but today at school was lets cover Miss top to toe with blossom day! 

The garden was beautifully decorated in fallen blossom petals- in the sun it was like a fairy glade. It was quite nice being showered with petals although the cleaning of my hair afterward (by the children) was not. We encourage the children to develop role play skills so a good opportunity for being 'Hairdresser' to 'clean' Miss' hair (but to the child who said 'We need scissors!' No thanks,  I do not want an impromptu trim!)


 Peggy goes #into the woods!#
And perhaps a sticky bun?...
Or four?...  
And a few of those pies... please...  

I wish!