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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Snap Fashion App | Review

Award-winning Snap Fashion is a free app available on IOS and Android. It was created by the talented Jennifer Griffiths and has been available since 2012.  Today the app relaunched with all-new features and colour palette technology.

Seen an outfit or style you adore? a magazine, stranger in the street, Pinterest or fashion blog?
.........take a picture or 'snap' it and the app will find you something similar matching the colour, cut and style. 

You can snap it through the snap fashion website or the app on your smart phone so its super convenient when your on the go! You can even add a 'Snap It' Button on your 'bookmark bar' in your online browser: clicking on it and the image you want to snap takes you straight into the image-matching process.

This app will revolutionise your online shopping with over 16 thousand brands to choose from, and one tap takes you to check out. It's the only fashion app that you'll ever have to download! 

The relaunched Snap Fashion app is now for men's and women's fashion, and the best bit? the all-new colour palette technology.

Now you can take a photo of a colour or texture
and the app will match it, clash it or complement it

I love the idea that you can complement your entire outfit- and it doesn't just work for block colour it  works for patterns too! Once snapped, you can flick through all types of clothing, shoes and bags in that design. Its so simple to use and allows you to easily sign in with an email, Facebook or Google+ so you can save your snaps, create a wishlist and there's also a Sale Tracker that lets you know when wishlist items drop in price. There is also an option to view what's trending so you can keep up with the cool kids! (gosh I sound like my mum!)

The app has been recommended by top brands which you can check out here 

 The link below will take you to the app on Itunes - I promise it isn't a Rick Roll! :P

Download the app now! It's at