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Friday, 1 May 2015

Day 26 #the100dayproject


A strange amalgamation (long and impressive word for a Friday night!) of pics summing up small burst of happiness through my day. 

1. Ballroom/Latin shoes: This is an over-hang of happiness from last night. 
Day 25 was Waltz and Ch Cha night. At my second dance class of the week the standard is high and experience of 7 years + so with my 1 year experience I'd say I'm doing pretty well keeping up! There is great pressure as one couple dances and all the rest watch. No music, just the instructor calling out the figures and steps *daunting* I danced the waltz and it went so well with a round of applause at the end from all 16 observers and comments from the 'experts' on how beautiful and correct it looked! I did stop breathing in deep concentration half way through but thats a minor fault! 

2. Newt: Today at work we found a newt. Any other day it would have been gawped at and thrown back into the pond however with short staffing and no plan the newt saved the afternoon! Cue- still life newt drawing, relating newt to the terms plants and animals topic and general behaviour management: 'if you don't listen, the newt gets it!' 

3. holy guacamoly! Surely people have better things to do that read my ramblings?  But anyhoo woohoo! keep procrastinating! 

4. Enough said. 

  Peggy celebrates May Day!