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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Day 44 #The100DayProject


In the grand scheme of Blogging this page view total is nothing but to be  a newbie to it all and getting to grips with the nitty gritty of social media it fills me with excitement to see this! 
(I'll give myself the patronising pat)

And humour me more please!
Today, the unit I work in got to collect the 'infamous' green wire 'den' I have been eyeing up in the Infants Department for some time now for a trial period in the unit. Yes, this excites me too. 
(there there B)
There was a great over-enthusiastic mission to get said den from a to b.
...using child-proof scissors to detach the cable ties. a hail storm.

And in all this excitement I didn't take a picture and I got the hiccups.
So here is an anti-climatic picture of the den.


Peggy plays Chess.

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