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Monday, 25 May 2015

Day 50 #The100DayProject

*celebratory 50-day mark jig!*

Despite what Peggy has proclaimed (see below) I took to the streets of Guildford this morning with a mission to go Trouser Shopping. Yes- it's as thrilling as it sounds.
-A post to come on that exciting topic with necessary capitals!-

Anyhoo, on my bittersweet journey to Long Tall Sally we went into Anthropology- my god! it screams Belinda! A haven of overly-expensive loveliness...and what ever you buy comes in a cardboard bag with a ribbon *the height of luxury* 

Then for a spot O' lunch in Harris + Hoole- love the crockery!
*crockery- what an odd word?! :S*


 Peggy proclaims this Bank Holiday
- Duvet Day!