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Friday, 29 May 2015

I Could Never Get A Tattoo... I would end up getting bored of it very quickly! 


As you can see my blog as gone through some major (and slightly catastrophic) re-designing.

My original design was very dark, dated, narrow and boring so I decided to mix it up.

I am the worst decision-maker on this planet and despite priding myself on my creativity when I keep doubting myself the product ends up looking... er... like this. 

So in the words of Miranda (or Tilly) 'BEAR WITH!' 

and hopefully with some more nerding out of HTML coding and sparks of inspiration I will get this blog design a little more 'Belindery!'

Going back to the tattoo simile I have nothing against them but how the hell do you chose placement and design? It's a decision-palava I'd like to live without!

If you have any ideas (regarding my blog, not my future tattoo) 
please step up to the podium!

Righto back to the drawing board!