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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Peggy makes Play dough

Here is a useful recipe to make play dough that lasts!
...with the help from a little hedgehog called Peggy.

First off forage for your ingredients and equipment:
(this 'how to' is not sponsored by Sainsburys!)

Now for the human to do the cooking bit! 

Scamper over the dough and knead until smooth- 
here you can add food colouring if desired!
Hey Presto!

Long-lasting play dough, great for children to develop fine motor skills and for sensory fun!

Here are some ideas:
Check out these (laminated) play dough mats- they are brilliant- twinkl have a huge range for all different topics!

Dough Disco: put on some tunes and manipulate the dough to the beat. This woman has definitely been taking something but this is the idea! You could add glitters and sequins to the dough and even some essential oils! Its great fun for kids, strengthens fingers for better pencil grip and gives sensory feedback- great for children with Autism! 
I do not own this image
Play dough Pictionary: 
Instead of drawing the 'thing', model it out of dough: for kids use simple nouns.  

(So far it has withstood a week of constant use and still good as new!)

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