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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Day 65 #The100DayProject


Peggy performs on stage.

It's Rare Chromosome Disorder Awareness Week.
Have you heard of any chromosomal disorders?

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 The 'Keeper of the Pool' aka my Dad finally got the right idea of opening up the pool! 
Yes, an outdoor pool in England?! stupid idea really as it 'hibernates' throughout winter (which takes up most of the year!) And as it's under trees you are faced with cleaning it out with a giant awkward hoover before you can go in- FAFF! 
 So the novelty of having a pool has well worn off and it's super expensive to keep it going (but more expensive to fill it in.) 

So anyway it was a nice sight to see it sans winter cover for after those long muggy hectic days at work to come back and chill!