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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Day 68 #The100DayProject

Slightly delayed.            I could have danced all night!


As you may know I have become a huge fan of Ballroom and Latin Dance. This was always a hobby I wanted to pursue since I was 14 when I was having ice-skating lessons and 'Ice Dancing' was a big thing. I have always danced when I was little doing that Ballet, Tap and Modern combo but gave it all up to do singing instead; a decision I slightly regret.
Anyway, so what held me back? Men. 
The Psycho, jealous boyfriend and The 2-left footed man.

(I didn't realise when I was a teen that taking the plunge and going alone is OK and the best way to get into it!) But I didn't have the confidence back then, as I do now. Man #3 although too short for a good dance partner (for my lanky frame) was up for it and this began my long-awaited 'journey' (ew cringe) of finding my dancing feet!


When dancing the Man has to have a good lead as us women are not mind-readers. 
  • The lead in Ballroom comes from the man's body posture/hands and his legs (Oo-er) 
  • In Latin the lead comes from his hands and eyes (sensual pouting and hysterical laughter ensues)

My second practice of the week focuses on more advanced steps and technique and often led by a turtle-necked lycra wearing Italian man (who is a world champion!). He slots nicely into the stereotypical dance instructor and is both lovely and scary: tonight I unintentionally whacked him in the face...smooth (Miranda moment). 

He is the type that stamps his feet, yells at you, pushes you about like your a ball of clay but then shouts admirably YES!!! THAT WAS BRILLIANT!!! and clasps you to his breast.

But on a happier note dancing with him is literally like gliding along a Krispey Kreme conveyor belt*- absolute bliss! I feel like im on Strictly being whipped around the floor with flair and finesse.
Tonight we danced Rumba how it is meant to be danced- sensual, (yes this is getting abit pervy),  serious and smooth (not stick like, counting the beats out loud and trying to stem hysteria.)

*Metaphorically speaking! -logistically that would be very hot, sticky and awkward which is not the portrayal of dancing with him I'm trying to create perhaps controlled gliding on Ice is a better simile. 

  • dance shoes (Freeds, Leicester Square)
  • bottle of water 
  • deodrant
  • money 
  • notepad and pen (to write down the figure names and steps)    


Peggy gets caught doing her 'business'.