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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Day 79 #The100DayProject


 My no.1 tip for stress-relief is playing the piano.

Ok, so you need a piano and you kind of need to read music to be able to be relieved of the stress. If you have none then of these... then what are you waiting for?? 

I highly reccomend learning to play piano, an easy instrument as your hands and the notes are right there in front of you! It helps a lot in life to be able to read music in my opinion.

I have a flair (if I do say so myself!) for sight reading the pattern, notes, shape of my hands just make sense. 
Annoyingly however if you ask me to play for you I go all self-conscious and don't perform very well...but anyway when I am stressed I like to sit down and pour my heart and soul out into the keys and I feel alot more happier afterwards. Especially with sight-reading, you are lost to the world figuring out all the flats and sharps and how a piece is meant to sound. 
It's a great way to spend an evening! 
(If you are lacking in social entertainment)

If your intrigued I'll do a post on my music collection.
And if your not, well that's okay. 



Peggy is the suspect.

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