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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Day 83 #The100DayProject


 The Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum, South Kensington, London is my all-time favourite museum. 

Its draws together craft; art, sculpture, ceramics, jewellery, fashion, design etc from all over the world and brings different and eclectic exhibitions through the year. The main galleries and some exhibitions are free. Special exhibitions are at an affordable price and really worth going to if your arts-crafts, design innovation, cutting-edge technology, history fan.

Today, hazy-headed from the Party last night I went to see the current exhibition 
'Shoes: Pleasure and Pain'. 
(13 June 2015 – 31 January 2016)
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I also wandered around 'What is Luxury'  
(25 April – 27 September 2015)

'Making luxury is not concerned with practical solutions but with the extraordinary, non-essential and exclusive. Mastery of a craft and exceptional expertise are demonstrated by outstanding precision, attention to detail and remarkable finishes.'- V&A 

  This exhibition particularly resonated with me as I am constantly inspired by new ways of thinking and new approaches to Life through Craft and Design. My degree focused on high-skill and fine detail and finishes so this exhibtion was of great interest to me.

From the list of related words in the photo above I have accidentally cropped off the word Passion.
From being in an industry in a role that is Dick-tated: as in a super snobby designer tells you what to make according to his/her 'vision' I lost all Passion for Making. It's only now that I can Make at my own pace, on my own terms to my own standard and expectation that the Passion is there again. 
I don't know where I'm going with this nugget of information so I'll just suspend it in mid-air on this page...and stop the rambling.


Peggy does Pride.