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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Day 87 #The100DayProject


Peggy couldn't put Humpty together again. 


 1) The Centre's assembly went brilliantly! When you see 16 children who have all started the year with some form of difficulty get up in front of a whole school and remember their words and signs it really makes my job so rewarding! (bluegh- this is getting cheesy)

2) Today was a day of great heat, not alot of working, alot of getting splashed and having ice cubes slid down my dress my staff and children!

3) Only 12 days to go until SUMMER

4) Time to play some Top Golf- what ever that means...

Top Golf is a franchise where you rent out a bay for a 30-40 minute game. You scan your ball, pick a club and whack (not with the sweeping the floor method my mum is going for in the pic) it towards a target. Different points are added to a scoreboard similar to bowling.

You can order food - greasy american style grub with non/alcholic drinks available too.
Get there before 7 when it became very crowded, with lots of queues and people waiting ages for their food.

It was a very male dominated place (ooh yeah!) but is really for everyone who can whack a ball or likes to sit and watch people whacking balls. This is getting very innuendo-y...

I'd reccomend this place for a social evening - something different from bowling- children are allowed to come too and you don't have to be a great sportman to go- the pic of my mum is proof! 

Find Out More about Top Golf here