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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Day 95 #The100DayProject


Peggy trains for Wimbledon 2016.


On a clear out of the school stock cupboard i found some 'puppets' with phonic digraphs on the back that my colleague's gran had made: I asked 'bl'?, 'Bl' for what? She answered Blobby!! You could say this tickled my pickle- but maybe you had to be there! .. But just look at that craftsmanship!
Not allowed dancing tonight - I must RELAX... pfft.

I watched 'The Autistic Gardener' this evening on Channel 4. As I work with children with Autism I find these programmes really interesting especially seeing adults with Autism- it informs my practice! This programme is both entertaining and eye-opening! I do wish though that they'd changed the title to be political correct you mustn't put the label first- but that's my training making me say that...and The Gardner with Autism doesn't have the same ring to it some how.

Also would have been a little more respectful to stop always showing the long-haired guy muddle his words- yes it's a trait but for those who don't understand it could be seen as funny- which it ain't- I fully emphathise.

Ooh and the girl who said she was bullied and never had her ideas listened to and valued- made me cry! So touching and shows just how judgemental society is.

Anyhoo this is a new series on Thursday evenings at 8pm and I fully reccomend tuning in. It will educate you on this increasingly diagnosed but misunderstood neurological disorder and its a good ol' makeover show too.

 Check it out on 4od HERE