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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Jacobs Cracker Crisps Review AD

So the good bees at Bzz sent me a box of Jacob's (New) Cracker Crisps for me to try out and review. So here goes...

Jacobs Cracker Crisps

But first! here is an unnecessary back story of my taste buds. I'm a big snack-fan. I love all flavour crisp particularly the 'harsher' tastes that make your breath smell....delightful ;) ie. pickled onion, salt and vinegar, sour cream and chive and smoky bacon (reminds me of a smell of a carpentry workshop - anyone else have this odd association?) My fave weird combo is the humble hula-hoop and dairy milk bar- together yes! it's like a child's birthday your mouth! (now that doesn't sound odd)

I eat a lot of processed stuff but try and look for healthier- alternatives ie No MSG, oven-baked, No preservatives ie Sulphates and thankfully these particular crisps tick all of these boxes!

The Jacob's brand is available in Ireland and the UK and are known for their range of crackers and biscuits. They have recently brought out Jacob's Cracker Crisps in three different flavours: Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar, Sour Cream and Chive and Thai Sweet Chilli. They are currently only available in 150g bags and retail for approx £2 in most supermarkets.

All the Flavours:

In the Crisp or Cracker debate I would describe the texture as a lighter form of the classic 'mini-chedder', with more crispiness and crunch.

They are thicker than most crisps which makes them a little more filling.

The 150g bag is filled half way and because they are approx. 4cm tall (I can't believe I just measured a crisp...) you get a substantial amount for your money.

The main appeal to these crisps is the shape. Although the size could be slightly bigger their differing spade-like shapes would be great for dipping as a snack at parties or to spice up a lunchbox serving teamed with salsa/sour cream/Philadelphia/hummus etc dip. 

Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar is my favourite flavour out of the 3 available and I'm sure will be a lunchbox staple. With a highly vinegary taste (and smell) so moreish, the tangy aftertaste leaves you wanting more! I'd say it's more suited to a 'younger palette' and those who like intense flavor. They are a tad greasy to eat and leave a salty residue on your hands. They are an oven-baked snack so a little more healthy than your bog-standard crisp at 117 calories per 25g serving although not so great if your on a diet- thankfully I am not, so will be purchasing this flavour again fo sho!


The Sour Cream & Chive Cracker Crisps has a very pungent onion-y taste. Each crisp is packed full of flavour although I wasn't balled over by this Sour and Cream and Chive variety of crisp. It was a bit heavy -going with an over-powering after-taste of onion. In appearance they have tiny specs of chive and salt which when eating leaves a greasy residue on your fingers. These would be good for a lunchbox snack or a party...with after-dinner mints!


The Thai Sweet Chilli flavoured Cracker Crisp in particular is a snack you'd mindlessly nibble on at a boozy party but possibly wouldn't choose to eat in any other situation. This is the weakest of flavorings in the range. There is a mild kick but not the best sweet chili flavour of crisp available. For a more 'mature palette' this crisp/cracker is very salty with a hint of that sweet chilli spice. Appearance-wise this flavour have a golden reddish colouring however the taste doesn't match this fiery-look (and I'm not one for heat). Similar to the Sour Cream and Chive there are specs of spice all over the crisp. This would be great for dipping into sour-cream or Philadelphia. They are an oven-baked snack and are a tad healthier than other popular Sweet Chilli flavoured crisps. I would reccomend the Jacob's brand and other flavours available but wouldn't reccomend this particular flavour if you want intense flavour and heat.

Tell me what's your flavour!
 (burst into Craig David)

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