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Saturday, 9 April 2016

"It's A-SIGH-EEE not A-QUI" *rolls eyes*

Today I went to a fresh smelling, colourful shop full of wholesome people in yoga gear and men with long blonde hair communing with the raw cocoa and baobab powders. Young yummy mummies excelling in life with their calm collected parenting ways as they fed their offspring coconut water and fresh blueberries and Mediterranean roasted vegetables and chicken. I mean REALLY!? The immaculate children weren't even yelling in disgust...What is this place?

It's Wholefoods.

I have been perplexed and curious about the super-foods that have been so on-trend recently with people turning to plant-based diets and organic produce. So my non health-concious mother and I stepped into the unknown on our first visit to Wholefoods. All very new to this I have been following the vlogs of Niomi Smart- a youtube vlogger/blogger who posts videos on health and wellbeing and beauty including useful simple tutorials of passably edible-looking concoctions. Her 'What I eat in a day' and Haul videos are particularly useful! Check her out HERE

So here is a run down of my purchases (pictured abover) and their god-damn expensive prices
(from L-R):

Raw Cacao powder 100g (not Coco it's pronounced CA-COW darling!) - £3.99
Bounce Energy Ball in Almond Protein Hit- £2.00
Bounce Energy Ball in Apple and Cinnamon Protein Punch- £2.00
Acai Powder 113g (pronounced A-SIGH-EEE not A-QUI)- £15.99
Rare Himalayan Bananas- £1.79 (they are not as stated but they should be with that price!)
Fresh Olive Mix- £2.64
Rude Health Almond Drink 1L- £1.69
Luke's Organic 'Ancient Grain' Tortilla Chips - £2.35
Vita Coco Coconut Oil- £4.79
Strawberries - £5.99
Mangos- £2.75
Belvoir Spice Apple and Ginger Cordial - £3.15
Biona Organia Raspberry Cookies- £1.99
Salt of the Earth Classic Deodrant- £4.99
Nairns Biscuit Breaks in Choc Chip- £1.80
Ken and Jesse's Cookie- £1.20 (was divine) 

I would definitely go here again- the health and beauty bit smells like delicious turkish delight for one thing and there is such a vast range of products that you don't tend to find in the supermarkets although I did find myself irritatingly correct my mum on the posh pronunciation of the exotic powders...but anyhoo I hope this blog post will motivate me to experiment and post my findings and impressions of this healthy food haul- so watch this space!