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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Liz Earle Skincare Review

I like a no fuss skincare approach. 
I am not one to get up early in order to prep myself for the day ahead (when you work with young children in a female dominated workplace there is no need to scrub up!) neither am I going to waste precious bed-time smearing a million creams and potions on my face. Wearing little-to-no makeup cuts down on the amount of time and products I need to use to keep my face from becoming too congested which is a plus too.

Liz Earle Daily Essentials

However saying this I have recently changed up my skincare routine in favour for a more high end brand but that has natural properties, is convenient to purchase and from a very well known reputable brand.

I recently treated myself to the the Liz Earle Daily Essentials kit and LOVE IT.

 On the pricey side this £45.00 set is a great introduction to Liz Earle skincare and has everything you need to keep skin looking and feeling fresh, decongested and blemish free!

The product comes packaged in an attractive light-turquoise box and would make a great gift. Each product is packaged in a duck egg blue colour and looks very smart, simple and sophisticated. The products inside are a good size too and will last as a little goes a long way! This set is available in Normal/Combination, Combination/Oily and Dry/Sensitive so the products seem to tailor slightly to different skin types although this seems to only concern the moisturiser. Each of these sets include the same products; I am reviewing the Dry/Sensitive product range.

Included in the set is:

Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, 100ml
Instant Boost Skin Tonic, 200ml
Skin Repair for Dry/Sensitive skin, 50ml 
Gentle Face Exfoliator, 50ml  

____How to Apply___

Step 0.5) Massage the Gentle Face Exfoliator into the face and neck in light upward circular motions. 

 This step is optional and I use it every now and again when I need a deep cleanse. This exfoliator is essentially a 'free' gift included in the set however it does state that the product is not suitable for sensitive skin. For a Dry/Sensitive product set I feel this is an over-sight Liz- sort it out. 

Saying this, my skin is thankfully not overly sensitive and the cream doesn't feel too abrasive on the skin. It is very thick in consistency and doesn't leave any residue; the grainy 'bits' are easy to clean off. The smell is slightly medicated but a pleasant citrus-y, sweet grassy clean scent.

Step 1) Dollop one pump of the Cleanse and Polish Cleaner onto (clean) hands and massage in circular upward motions into your dry make-uped/tired/polluted/icky face and neck and lastly (and carefully) the eye area.

Step 2) Then take the muslin cloth and wet in hand-hot water, wring out and use it to take off the cleaner. Then splash cold water over your face (this is to close the pores).

The cleanser is a thick white creamy consistency. It is easy to apply to the face and smells clean and pleasant; not too strong; The smell is the same to the exfoliator. It is so unbelievably gentle and light it is not sensitive to the eye area and helps tackle stubborn eye makeup. 

Depending how much gunk is on your face the cloth does get very mucky but is easy to wash under a tap. I think the benefit of using the cloth is the slight very subtle abrasive texture that helps to exfoliate the skin as well as give a deep cleanse. Often after washing off a cleanse my skin feels tight but with this product I haven't experienced this tight sensation and my skin feels clean and visibly clearer.

Step 3) 'Dampen a cotton-wool pad with Instant Boost Skin Tonic and sweep over the face'. Toners help to minimize pores, refresh skin and give a further cleanse- taking off any remaining makeup.

This step I would have originally left out although on further research there are great benefits to using a toner in your skincare regime as stated above. I do like this product purely because of the over-powering smell that other reviewers have disliked! The smell amoungst other scents is enriched with lavender and geranium, two calming scents used in aromatherapy. I particularly like to use this to calm my morning angst and relax me at night. It's also very refreshing on the skin and not too tingly. The consistency is basically water and is dispensed by turning the lid to allow for easy pouring and no clumsy mess.


Step 4) Massage the Skin Repair Moisturiser into your immaculately clean face and neck.

 The moisturiser is extremely light and absorbs very quickly into the skin. It doesn't leave any sticky residue. The pot is a little on the small side and I don't think it would last if I was to apply it twice a day. The smell is a light and floral, not as strong as the cleanser and exfoliator.

Step 4.5) Go fourth into the hazy smog filled air, have small children constantly touch your face with unwashed soiled hands, be sneezed over by your fellow commuters and look forward to the next time you can have a pamper sesh with Liz!