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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day! 

Why we need this day to be highlighted is a sad case but due to poxy superstitions that Black Cats bring bad luck; an evil omen or some such ridiculous belief rescue centres are over-run with cats with black fur. I have worked in two rescue centres and these cats are always the last to be chosen out of a litter of kittens or often brought in, having been abandoned. 

 All cats are different and due to cross-breeding in moggies (more often seen in rescue centres). This will mean that there isn't a pure line of breed and cats will inherit different personalities. Yes, generally the markings and colour do often link to particular temperaments (ie the naughty torties) but cannot define the individual cat.

Different breeds of black cat will have different characters, the table below taken from illustrates this. A kittens upbringing (if they've been socialised and treated well etc) will affect how they act as adult cats. 

(I do not own this image) 
But generally cats with black fur (like any cat) are great companions, they are affectionate and playful, they look elegant especially when they sit with their front paws crossed over. They are handsome and like all cats are cunning and have an air of superiority. If your having bad luck in your life, it's YOU not a poor creature. 


Sebastian demonstrating the paw cross-over.

My family adopted a black cat, Coco after we originally fostered her but after a year there was no sign of anyone wanting her and her sister, Chanel (black and white). 
Please note: 
We didn't name them and are nicknamed Coco Beans and Chanelly Poo most of the time. 


So if your considering adopting a rescue cat be sure to check out the 'Black Cats' first- they all want and need a forever home too. 


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