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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Kitten Accessories Haul

Getting new kittens is an expensive affair when you walk into Pets at Home and greeted with all manner of 'must-haves' for your new children pets...

Here's the (over priced) but of course essential stuff I bought in preparation for the arrival of my new kittens!

Scratching Post ~ £45.00 
Hooper Hide and Climb Post

Easy to assemble, a good enough size for 2 small cats to grow into, has good stability for the price and does not take up too much space! There are two levels and one pom pom on an elasticated string. Scratching posts are great for discouraging cats to sharpen their claws on your sofas and are a fun toy to keep cats occupied with different levels and hidy-holes. I have lined the bottom cubby-hole with a Spotty Chocolate Fleece Blanket ~ £8.00 although my kittens are not too bothered by this part of the post - typical! My kittens love this post and launch up and down it at great speeds and it's still standing. They have created their own game where one sits on the top level and dangles their tail down to the cat who attempts to grab it on the lower level.

Carry Case ~ £20.00

Roadrunner Carry Case with Metal Grate Door

A plastic or metal case is best for durability and hygiene. Cats can become stressed and unpredictable in times of transition or the V---E---T so a strong structured case with a wipe clean surface is the way to go! A grate door is also perfect for your pets to see you and can help them to stay calm. My two kittens fit in this together which gives them reassurance and comfort on an otherwise unsettling experience although when they become adults I will most likely need another one of these cases.

Water Bowls ~ £2.00 each

Purple/White Non Slip Bowl 

Cat's don't like dunking their full face and whiskers into a deep bowl so I use these bowls for water. With non-slip feet the bowl grips surfaces and stays put even when the kittens hurtle into their food area on a mis-calculated launch attempt.

Food Bowls ~ £1.50 each
Stainless Steel Puppy Bowl

These bowls are a good size, shallow and easy to clean. I'm tempted to buy some more at that price. They don't grip to surfaces being the only negative and biscuits do end up all over the place but this just gives the kittens more fun...

Nautical Play Tunnel ~ £6.00

This has been a hit! A small fleece lined tunnel (that can collapse for easy storage) that stretches out to 40cm long. This tunnel has a crinkly sound when used and has a bouncy stringed feather toy at one end. The kittens like to hide and pounce out of it as well as 'kill' the feathery toy to shreds. 

Nautical Lap Mat ~ £4.00

I like the idea of this although I'm not bothered with being coated in cat fur so this non-essential mat is being used to make a comfy platform on my filing cabinet. Cats like heights so making different levels available to your cats will keep them entertained and hopefully away from the curtains and any fragile ornament shelf.

Litter Mat ~ £10.00
Large Litter Tray Mat

Although this won't stop litter being thrown everywhere it does keep the surrounding area cleaner and allows cats to de-gunk their paws. After they've done their business cats will scrape their paw over the floor, tray and excess litter to come over their scent. They do it a little over-excessively at times as you wait for them to finish brandishing scoop and nappy sacks. The mat also protects wooden flooring from clawed marks. Available in grey or beige (in store).

Cat Harness and Lead~ £10.00

This set has had negative reviews on the size of the harness: being too small for their cat. I would agree that it may be a tight squeeze for an adult cat as you cannot adjust the neck size however Leon fits in it like a glove! Poppy however is too small for it! So I bought her a snazzy girly pink spotted Kitten Harness and Lead for £6.00.

Toy Dreamies Mouse~ £3.00
Dreamies 'Snacky Mouse' with Cheese Flavoured Treats

You fill this mouse with Dreamies (the moorish cat treat) and encourage your cat to pounce, throw, hit the mouse to make the treats come out. Cats who gobble down their food (ie Leon) need stimulating toys that make them work for their food to slow their eating down. To be honest my kittens like instant fun at the moment so it isn't a hit at the moment but may be more fun when their a little older and patient (we hope).

Sure Flap Cat Flap~ £54.00, extra £50 for installation *cough* rip off *cough*

I haven't been able to use this yet although the vet suggested turning it on but kept locked so that the cats get used to the clicking sound it makes when it senses movement. I'll review it come September when they're allowed out!

Round Doughnut Cat Bed~ approx £20.00

Cat Bed
(Link example:there are many stockists mine came from the top of a previously owned cat tower)

Soft, warm, comfy, gives a feeling of security. My kittens love snuggling up in this so much so that they trendle the sides on it and try to suckle it as if it was their mum. I place it on my bed so they can feel close to me but I am less likely to roll over and squish them mid-sleep! 

Dreamies ~ 2 for £2

Pets at Home

Whatever is in these. I want some.  

Kitty City Scratch Lounge ~ £3.99 
Pet Planet
This is essentially corrigated cardboard and it's a great addition to the scratching post. Cats can sharpen their claws on this as well as gnaw safely on it. The product comes with a sachet of catnip that enhances the toys appeal however my kittens currently don't need anymore energy or hype!