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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Summer Favourites

B  E  A  U  T  Y

Barry M Coconut Infusion~ Superdrug~ £4.99

The USP is that it's made with coconut water and claims to hydrate nails. It doesn't however smell of coconut but does dry a lot quicker than your average nail varnishes. Pastel shades have been really in this year and the shades in this range are lovely! The shades remind me of chalk paint (not in consistency purely the colour). I own the colours Bikini - the minty turquoise shade and Surfboard- the purply baby pink. The brush is a lot wider than most nail polishes which allows full coverage and easy application. If I had lovely long nails this would be very useful (but alas I'm a chronic nail biter). It does chip very easily even with a top coat and being a little more pricier than other high-street brands I would want something a little longer lasting but I'm loving the colour! 

Soap and Glory's One Heck of a Blot~ Boots ~ £12.00

This is a very light-weight almost translucent powder that controls face-shine (is that a word? It is now.) I use it to set and touch up my makeup. Being a cretin when it comes to makeup I have no idea if I have shine on my face but it does soak up any sweat (ew). It's a bit pricey but its lasted me ages and I still haven't 'hit pan' yet. It comes with a thin powder puff but I prefer to use a clean blusher brush (and yes i have lost said puff). The container includes a handy mirror and although the product is in plastic packaging it feels robust. Really useful to have in your handbag too.

Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash Scrub Mask~ The Body Shop~ £8.00

Technically for your face but I have been using this on my back to control the dreaded 'backne' and I would recommend! It's so handy being an exfoliant and cleanser wash in one and makes skin feel and look clean. A creamy clay like consistency with little green granules, the clay foams up when used as a wash and alittle goes a long way. I have yet to use to test it as a mask. Tea Tree is used extensively as an essential oil as an antiseptic and is used widely to treat a range of skin ailments. This particular product is part of a new Body Shop range and I would be interested to try the other products! 

L'Oreal Super Liner Ultra Prescision~ Superdrug~ £6.99

This is a staple makeup product for me- it's the only eye liner I can draw a good enough line with and doesn't look too much like a 5 year old has drawn it. It's opaque, doesn't need much reapplying through the day and is so easy to use. Fully recommend! 


L  E  I  S  U  R  E 

'...and Relax' Colouring Book~ David Sinden and Nikolas Catlow~ £7.99

For my travels this summer I wanted something pocket sized to keep me busy and take my mind of possible terror attacks when suspended in a metal tube in the sky... (cheery!). I bought this book from Waterstones. The book has simple, doodle-esque designs but also includes affirmations of mindfulness: a practice I believe greatly in and try (when I remember) to do. There are so many 'adult' colouring books that have ellaborate complex designs but when i want to relax I don't want to think too much about keeping in the lines and being clever with colour so this book is perfect! 

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Edinburgh Fringe is the largest annual Art's festival in the world. It runs for 3 weeks every August (5th-29th Aug this year) and takes place in Scotland's capital. The festival has been running since the late 1940s. It began when 8 theatre groups gatecrashed the Edinburgh International Festival in 1947 taking advantage of the large assembled crowds and smaller venues. It was properly established as the Fringe Festival in 1951. From my recent post on Edfringe, well it speaks for itself that it was pretty epic! I will definitely be going there again next year.

Leon and Poppy

My addlement began on June 19th when these little bundles of fluff came into my life. They are just adorable and for a single pringle like me, the best companions too. I can't imagine life without them. I'm documenting them HERE in my blog. They really have grown so much! 

M  U  S  I C 

~There Will Be Time ~ 
~Mumford & Sons & Baaba Maal~

This is my go-to chill out song and my current 'first-dance-with-my-imaginary-husband' choice. It is a bit Circle of Life with the African man doing his thing but its just *sigh* such a good song!

~Dancing On My Own~ 
~Calum Scott~

This is my 'I-will-be-alone-forever' gazing out of the train window after yet another failed date wishing it would rain to add drama to my journey home... song. The cover of Robyn's 2010 hit is a slower more powerful version and is way better!

~The Girl in 14G~
~performed by Kristin Chenoweth~

I heard this cabaret song recently at a school concert at my old school. Sung amazingly I may add- it is a song that requires superb vocal control and a wide range. The song was written by Jeanine Tesori and Dick Scanlan and commissioned for Kristin's debut album Let Yourself Go. It is about her experience of living in a New York flat sandwiched between an 'Opera Wannabe', above and a scat-singing Jazz singer below. It would be soo much fun to perform if only I could sing Queen of the Night confidently. 


Look out for my Autumnal Favourites! The BEST part of the year.