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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Gritty Films.

Tis the season to watch spooky, scary films and I for one love a good thriller. The best sorts of films in my opinion are those that explore how a normal average person would react in a particular unsettling situation and/or where the apparently innocent individual are not quite what they seem. 

Here's a selection of psychological thrillers that I would recommend and feel need more recognition.  

Image Credit: The Scream~ Edvard Munch


The Perfect Host, 2010, 
1hr 33 mins, Rated 15

An on the run criminal gets more than he bargained for when he knocks on Warwick Wilson's door.
Warwick (David Hyde Pierce) is a middle-aged seemingly normal socialite waiting for his group of friends to arrive to his dinner party. This film is chilling, and not what you would expect. It also has some light comedy which contrasts nicely with the unnerving undertones of the film. Pierce, famously known for his character Niles Crane in Frasier is superb in his role; you'll see him in a completely new light.

A Fatal Inversion, 1992, 
3 Episodes 1 hr each, Rated 12

A TV series adaptation of Barbara Vine's novel, 'A Fatal Inversion'. A young man, Adam inherits a large house and decides to spend the summer there with his friend, Rufus. Throughout their stay they entertain and invite a few others to join them. 10 years later the remains of a young women's body and baby are found in woodland at the house and Adam (the former owner) is called into questioning about his past...This haunting tale is not your average murder mystery! It is not widely known but I would fully recommend this psychological thriller- it's one that stays with you for a long time!


One Hour Photo, 2002
1hr 36 mins, Rated 15

Starring the legend, Robin Williams in a much more serious role as Sy, a technician at a 1-hour photo lab (back in the days before digital cameras!). This film deserves more recognition. The direction and story takes a seemingly innocent and subtle approach to explore a descent into one person's obsession and insanity.

Black Mirror, 2011 
Rated TV-MA Series 1-3 with Specials 1 hr, each

This TV series is an amalgamation of drama, Sci-fi, thriller and horror genres. Each episode is like a mini movie with it's own cast, setting etc. Charlie Booker's writing his outstanding: he explores the 'What If's' in our society, picking at the taboos and how technology is changing and scarily developing and shaping our future. Each episode shocks you and makes you really think about life in new ways; yes in a dull, depressing way but you can always look at a kitten video afterwards to take your mind off our collapsing society. Notable episodes (I have yet to see them all) are 'Be Right Back' (Series 2) and 'Shut Up and Dance' (Series 3).


Eden Lake, 2008
1hr 31 mins, Rated 15 (?) 

This survival horror is a good'un. Yes, it's about a cliche loved up couple going on a romantic get away to a cliche remote island and then surprise surprise, get terrorised by a gang of meanies. However it has twists and turns as well as playing with your emotions if your a hopeless romantic female like me. It's gory, graphic and full of suspense. 


Battle Royale, 2000
1hr 54 mins, Rated 18

A blood bath of a film. Hunger Games ripped off the whole idea of this classic horror. It is all in Japanese with English subtitles but it really is a true gritty film. IMDB describes the film in a nutshell: 'In the future, the Japanese government captures a class of ninth-grade students and forces them to kill each other under the revolutionary "Battle Royale" act.' If your squeamish don't watch it. 


All images taken from IMDB and Emojipedia

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