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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Blogmas #12: The Body Shop Advent Calendar

This year the Body Shop brought out 3 calendars at 3 different price points. I have the £60 'low price point' with contents worth £100. The sturdy green keepsake, presentation box opens with a ribbon to show 25 little boxes packed tightly inside. Each box has a typed phrase hinting at the product it conceals inside.

We're half way through the countdown to Xmas and I'm half way through my Body Shop Advent Calendar so what goodies have been behind the doors (or in the boxes) so far?

Spiced Apple Shower Gel 

Dark green in colour, this shower gel has a strong scent that lingers after the shower. Think synthetic green apple lolly pop dipped in cinnamon. It's ok, but not the best smell out of the xmas ranges. Would be a good scent for a man as it's not too sweet. 

Bath Lilly 

Great to use with the shower gel, this helps to lather up shower gel and adds in some exfoliation. It's a good travel size too and being cream coloured it's unisex! 

Vitamin E Moisturising Cream

Love this little pot! I have the full sized Cleanser/toner/moisturiser set so this is a super handy travel size. This is a great moisturiser, nourishing to the skin and is absorbed well into the skin. The smell is pleasant like a freshly cleaned sheets and the consistency is light and refreshing. 

Frosted Berries Softening Body Gel- Lotion

Again not too keen on this scent range- it's a bit too sickly sweet. This smells like Robinson's Summer Fruit Squash! The Body Lotion is a little more subtle in smell that the shower gel. It's a bit sticky and leaves a funky smell but once it's absorbed does leave skin feeling refreshed and soft. 

Precision Tweezers

Always useful to have- although I'll probably use these for craft! 

Lip Definer

I love this! It matches my lip colour and lines them easily with a soft, creamy formula. It blends in well with lipsticks applied over the top and stays put pretty well.  It was out of stock when I looked it up prior to buying the calendar so very happy to have it now!

Pencil Sharpener

I have yet to try this out but I guess it will be useful for the makeup pencils in this calendar...

Coconut Soap

I'm not a huge fan of solid soaps nor do I love coconut but this has surprised me. It lathers up nicely and leaves a clean refreshed smell on your hands which isn't strong at all. 

Facial Cleansing Sponge

I'm looking forward to using this with the Vitamin E cleanser I already own. I hope it will give me some extra exfoliation. Yes, it's a sponge but I gather from reviews it's a good'un. 

Strawberry Lip Butter

I love the lip butter and the Shea Butter range in particular but have always steered clear of the more potent smells at The Body Shop. Finally I can try them out with this and I'm glad I have this one at last! It smells delicious- like a strawberry milkshake. With the same consistency as the Shea butter Lip butter but the taste is sweet and really nice! This will be great to use in the Summer. 

Vanilla Chai Softening Body Gel-Lotion

The scent is warming and smells like a Muller Vanilla yoghurt. 
I prefer this smell out of all the xmas scents: it's woody, gentle and relaxing. It didn't feel as sticky to apply but absorbed quicker that the Frosted Berries Lotion. I'll enjoy using this one! The after-smell (which lingers for a good amount of time) is a twin to Zoella's Sweet Inspirations scent. 

Eye Definer

From swatching this, it draws on with a soft and creamy application. When I rubbed off the swatch it didn't completely vanish so I hope it's staying power will be good for a smokey eye effect. Ha! I talk as if I can achieve this...

Oh me Oh my, bit slow of the old mark here...the boxes when turned around create a picture/word montage. Lovely touch! 

Eye Lash Curlers

I haven't used curlers before. I did used to own a pair but they looked a little more like scissors and clamped the lashes between two pieces of metal. This one has a spring that brings up the cushioned curler so you can have more control.

British Rose Shower Gel 

I love this smell! It has a light fresh scent too unlike other rose scents that can be heavy and old lady smelling! (I don't go around smelling old people btw- you know what I mean) It's floral but not too overpowering. Very happy to have this in the advent calendar.

Eye Brow and Lash Brush and Comb

This 2 way brush will be really useful to tame my brows and separate clumped eyelashes before and after mascara. It's had great reviews and stands out above high-end equivalents. A sturdy tool with a conical shaped handle for easy grip. This tool will be something I didn't realise I needed!

Mango Whipped Lotion

A bit of a cloggy synthetic smell. It has a very light, whipped (funny, that) consistency and when rubbed into the skin it feels very wet although is absorbed quickly leaving a slight sticky feel. 
It's not my favourite. 

Eye Shadow Brush

This is the perfect shape to apply pigment to the lid as well as using the tip to create shadow in the crease. I used it recently to apply an eye look for my work christmas party and it allowed to me to create the best eyeshadow look yet!!! I usually looks like I've been punched in the face when I attempt eye shadow but this brush was so easy to use: it's packs on the pigment very efficiently (although it's not one to use for blending). The conical shaped handle is comfortable and fits into the hand well for close up application.

Eye Make Up Remover

This eye makeup remover is great for the sensitive eye area. It's gentle enough to not leave your eyes feeling irritated but still does it's job. Theres no alcohol or fragrance which is an added bonus.

Shea Butter Lip Butter

Ooo I love this- as I've mentioned before in my Autumnal Favourites post. Very happy to have another one!

Polynesian Island Tiare Shower Gel 

A more mature, luxurious smell, less pungant and less fruity than the usual Body Shop scents. It's sweet and woody with a hint of herbal essence shampoo; it's evokes an image of lazing in a tropical lagoon.

Nail File

Always invaluable! This sturdy one has already proved very useful- especially if your a nail biter (like me).

Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream

A tangy grapefruit scent that lingers afterwards leaving your hands feeling zingy and lightly moisturised. It's great for an on-the-go hand cream as it's absorbed quickly and it helps keep the soreness levels down if you've had a stress induced biting session. (I sound like an animal!)

Colour Crush Nail Polish in 'Just Peachy'

 I haven't got this colour in my stash. This is more orange (it looks red in the photo) than peach in most lights but gives a bright, pop of colour on the nails. It is easy to apply, quick-drying and dries glossy with only one coat. It comes from a wide range of 'high-impact' colours which are great for all-year round wear especially to pizazz up my nails next Autumn (perhaps I'll have some by then).

Strawberry Body Butter

This calendar is soo good! A full-sized body butter woohoo! I'm looking forward to using this come summer! Such a sweet fruity scent.

Sleep Mask and Oils of Life Night Cream

This eye mask is going to be super useful on my long-haul flight next Spring. It's comfy, padded and has a secure elastic fastening. A bonus treat I didn't see on my cheeky peek inside beforehand is this sample of oils of life night cream. It smells very luxurious.

Overall I'm super impressed with this- it was well worth the money. I love that the products included are summery scents too and will be useful for the coming year rather than just the christmas ranges.

Would recommend scooping next years advent calendar up!