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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Blogmas #6: Christmas Pudding Making

The annual christmas women's evening at Duke Street Church, Richmond took place on December 3rd. This is my 3rd time at this event and each alternate year so far we have made a traditional christmas pudding or a christmas wreath. This year was the turn of pudding making with Delia's christmas pudding recipe.

This year, there was a huge turn out from the church community and those (like me) from far and wide- which shows how successful and popular this event is.

All you need to bring is a slightly lined stomach (a huge buffet spread was laid out with lots of Prosecco!) an apron, a large mixing bowl, a 2-pint pudding basin and a large wooden spoon. The tables in the hall were laden with all the ingredients and utensils we'd need. You work as a team on your table to measure and share out the ingredients to each make your puddings so it's a great way to meet new people in a relaxed, fun and festive atmosphere.

Obligatory alcohol and recipe card!
Measuring out the ingredients

Pudding- Making Selfie

In go the dry ingredients.
The smells of the spices and fruit were divine! 

[Insert a continuous stream of awful 'currant', 'raisin', 'suet' jokes here...] 

...Of course we found them hilarious! 

In goes the alcohol!

Nearly there!

How satisfying.

And by going by train you get the excuse of dumping all your mess on your dear friend
-thanks Anna ;) 

Now to fuel up after all that stirring! 

The buffet complete with Fondue .Nom. 
Coffee, Treats and a Carol

Clare gave a lovely talk during the reflection. She asked us to wonder who we would most like to get to know, giving examples of great world leaders or a family relative. On pondering this I wish I could have got to know my Grandma more. I had a strong relationship with her, but when your young it doesn't occur to you to ask those interesting life-relating questions that I 'interrogate' my 98 year old Grandpa about now. Clare then went on to asking how can we find out more about God? We looked at John 1: 1-18 'In the beginning was the Word...'  and the true meaning of the verses correlating the information to 'God's CV'. I had forgotten my revelation moment earlier in the year that the Word is Jesus. Now read the verse again changing the Word to Jesus' name and holy moly it makes more sense!
*light bulb moment* 

Ready to be steamed and stored away until the 25th! 

Overall it was lovely to socialise with such welcoming, friendly people- it's a laid back enjoyable evening where you come away with a christmas creation (and a full stomach) at the end of it!
Highly recommend!!!

And it was delicious: