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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Changing Habits

In the words of Adele: Hello from the other side! 

Life's done it's usual 'aaghmagad what am I doing in life?!?' thang and the blog has gone on the back burner. 

What have I been doing? 

Dancing ALOT, sleeping ALOT and battling a crazy stressful day to day job that after 5 years I've run out of steam with and need a new challenge. I should have left the job months ago but because I worry too much about other people's needs I stuck it out until the end of term and thats why I've not had the zest to blog or the energy to do anything else! 

Hear that choir of angels singing the Hallelujah chorus above? 

That's because I am free!

It's time for me to start a fresh and start practicing what I want out of life.

The world is Snapchat!?!
From your childhood upbringing, throughout school, college and uni (or whatever path you've taken) and then straight into that first job, your governed by the people around you; moulded by the shape of your family and those you've grown up with. Those are the foundations of the person you are today but the rest is up to you. Life is what you make of it and that's exactly what I'm going to start doing.

I have purposefully planned to work part time for a while. We are so swept up in our highly stressful, relentless day jobs that actually living life gets pushed aside.

Then we wonder why our Mental Health suffers?

Having so much free time does scare me and in the past few days of freedom I've had so many options and to be honest I've just been curling up in a duvet and falling asleep. But being frank with myself this just shows me that my current state of habits and routines are detrimental to my health and mental wellbeing.

Overhauling life over night is not going to work. It's about changing things a baby step at a time until they become second nature. Please share some ideas for 'mindful' swaps that myself and other readers may find useful!