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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Kyoto Haul: Beauty

Back in April I went on an epic first time trip with my mum to Kyoto, Japan!
Check out the blog post.

Japan comes second in the world in leading the skincare and beauty industries. There is so much overwhelming choice and variety in one store it's best to be prepared with some brand names and products in mind before you go. 

I watched Youtube videos to get to know the worth while brands and interesting quirky products you can't buy easily here in the UK: 
Kimdao Best in Skincare
Fleur de Force Japanese Beauty Haul 
Click Network: Tried and Tested
Noodlerella- Massive Japan Haul 
Harriet Murray- Peel-Off Lip Tint
Sharla in Japan- All the videos! 

So here's what I bought! (including the fabric backdrop):

The Kingdom Eye Liner Brown

I love how this is very light brown in shade which is difficult to come by in the UK. 

Love Liner Liquid in Dark Brown

Love Liner is known for it's staying power. It really does prove it's worth even if your face is melting from heat! Love the colour on my pale skin as its not as harsh as black eye liner. This has become a staple in my makeup bag and I wish I'd bought more!

Black Paint Soap Cleanser

This is a soap that when submerged in warm water becomes buttery in consistency. It is made from white (apparently) charcoal that cleans pores and removes oil and dirt from the face without stripping away the skin's natural and essential moisture. I love this. It leaves skin looking and feeling fresh, clear and smooth. Although it removes eye makeup too it does sting quite a bit even with eyes tightly shut but for the rest of the face it's a really nifty product! 

Lululan Moisture Mask
Pure Smile Face Mask
Xilix Fox Aqua Relax Face Mask

I have yet to try the animal ones which is basically an animal face printed onto the mask- I hope there isn't essence of fox in them!  The Lululan sheet masks are so refreshing and moisturising! It's basically the feel of a makeup wipe that is cut to fit the face and is soaked in the product. You can buy packs of them - my pack contains 7 masks. There are lots of different variations in the Lululan range: I went for the 'regular' moisture masks in the pink packaging. 

Rimmel Magical Pore Minimizer

Despite being called Rimmel London I'm sure I haven't come across these before in England! The Pore Minimizer is a cream based formula that gives a great light base for makeup. It's ok but it's hard to know if it makes a difference. 

Rimmel Magical Stay

This is pretty magical! It stops transfer and helps the longevity of lipstick. It's a clear watery gel that you dab onto your lipstick- doesn't taste great but it does add staying power! 

Senka Perfect Whip

I'm still working this one out. It seems to be a cleanser of some sort. I'll report back!
It's a sticky formula but left my skin super soft. 

 Kyoto Yojiya Blotting Paper

Yojiya: The logo, a reflection of a woman's face in a hand mirror is a very old, very well known and unique brand to Kyoto. It's best seller is the oil blotting paper which Japanese women use to pat off excess oil and perspiration from their face. It works really well too so a must-buy if you're ever in Kyoto. 

Berrisom Chu My Lip Tint in Sexy Red (far left)

Image Credit: Beauty Bay 

 This is a thick, sticky dark in colour formula that is quite difficult to apply on the lips. As you can see in the image on the left it is nigh-on impossible to get a crisp line with the 'squeeze and product comes out' applicator. Once this yucky formula dries, you can peel it off which is very satisfying and it leaves a nice colour. However I didn't find it long-lasting and I can to go over the areas that didn't show up well from the first application.

It's a nice idea and fun to do but more novelty than quality.