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Thursday, 30 April 2015

April Favourites

Here is a list of the various things -from food, film and hobbies- I have been loving this month.
I have put them in categories for easy reading!


Divergent/ Insurgent

Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) lives in a world (or Chicago) divided into 5 different 'factions' these societies of people all have different purposes that contribute to the peaceful running of the world. However Tris learns that she is a Divergent- 'You're different. You don't fit into a category. They can't control you'.
Warned that this could lead to imminent death Tris must keep this a secret whilst dealing with  faction-initiation and friends, family and new found-love.
'But there is a secret lying beneath everything that threatens to tear the city apart!'- labelma @ imdb 

Recently discovered these films (Thanks Mr. R) very gripping and watchable although a rip-off of Hunger Games (but then Hunger Games ripped off Battle Royal). 

Shailene Woodley is quite likable and reminds me of a mash up between an old friend and Lyndsey Lohan... Theo James is *drools* gorgeous and fit and my new pin-up.I always thought he was related to James Franco- so as he's not AND British I feel I have 1% more chance of marrying him.

I like gritty films that have a real-what-if-this-happened-to-me? feel about them which this film offers. Its a bit 'teen-y' which is a shame and could be grittier but anyhoo it's still a good watch!


Mr. Bradlee, master of piano improvisation and musical arrangements you have answered my prayers to be transported back to the early 20th Century!

This 'variety act' Vintage-ises (yes that it now a word) modern pop/rap/r&b songs. In most cases making it sound even better- often completely changing the vibe of the song. A live jazz band with different vocalists taking the hot seat, they have revamped songs made famous my Taylor Swift, Megan Trainor, Diana Ross, Backstreet Boys, Fountains of Wayne and many many more!

I went to their last show of their 2015 UK tour on 22/3/15 at the O2 and it was fantastic! Burlesque dancers, cute tap dancer, gorgeous costume changes, audience participation... Each performer brought their own style and persona to the show. The stage was alive with raw talent and my mind was officially blown!

My favourite vocalist this month is Morgan James stunning woman with an amazing set of vocal chords! Her Take Me to Church cover is so beautiful. I love the cover of Tove Lo's Habits sung effortlessly by Miss Haley Reinhart (+ her new cover of Creep) and Ariana Savalas' sultry 'Black Space' by Taylor Swift's.  I just need to rent out a smoky room and find myself a piano-playing man! 

Check out their Youtube page HERE 


Recently coming into fashion with an 'Art Therapy' kind of twist. Colouring Books for adults (no, not lets colour in a penis!) are a great escape and very relaxing as well as tuning your creativity. I bought this book back in January and at the start of this month realised how lovely a past time it is. This book (pictured) in particular has doodle-type patterns to colour based on nature. I find it very therapeutic and calming to do before I attempt sleep. In this book the paper is a great quality so pen doesn't bleed through. The patterns are lovely and there's space for you to continue the pattern or do you own doodling. There's been a bit of back-lash for this new-trend, comments like 'People need to grow-up' etc from people (in the Telegraph newspaper). Well, you lot thinking this obviously breeze through life and I feel sorry that you don't hold the gift of empathy! I hope to do something else with these patterns that will hopefully become a May Favourite- so stay tuned!

Get Johanna Basford's Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book


The idea is that you post a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #the100dayproject of something creative you have done that day for 100 days. It officially started on April 6th but you can start anytime. Due to being prone to stress and doubt I decided to launch #100daysofhappys- in a bid to become more optimistic and find more silver linings! (At this time I hadn't cottoned onto the other trend of #100happydays.) 

Having realised the beauty of Instagram I decided to create #100daysofPeggy to run along side my bursts of happiness. Owning a hedgehog isn't a typical household pet and I often get asked 'How is Peggy?' well, my answer used to be 'not alot'. Now I can say well, yesterday she had a picnic, the other day she went sailing, today she visited Wonderland...and you can humour me more! The main point I want to make for why it is on my favourites is that it has encouraged me to handle her more. She isn't the cuddly type and likes her beauty-sleep but this project has made us 'bond' more. She does less ball-curling and huffing now when I pick her up.

This is a daily update on the blog and posted on Instagram


Instagram The platform for which this blog has been created. I chose this site plainly because all the successful blogs I follow use this platform!
Its so easy, lots of features, support network of other users, and linked to Google and Youtube.

Late to the party- I never really got the point of Instagram but since participating in the #The100dayproject I can see the appeal!
A photo-sharing platform Instagram lets users share, edit, and 'like' photos. You can keep up-to-date with users (around the world) by 'following' them. 
#The #more #hashtags #you #use #the #more #interest #you #get!
I'm still in the honeymoon period getting excited when lots of randomers like one of my pictures #sad.
My only gripe is that you can't add a website link onto the caption. Follow me here


Get it Here

The big failing of high street stores is that they don't sell seasonal clothing WHEN you need it! With the unpredictable weather patterns of England you never know whether its a coat wearing or bikini day!

So for a while now I have been on the hunt for a knitted Spring cardigan: light, comfortable, and keeps the breeze off you. I was in luck recently in New Look with their range of Apricot (which I love!)

It looks better on Tall Me rather than the ghost (to the left): Good length, light but still able to wrap around for warmth and comfort. Reasonably priced too at £22.00. I've bought another one to keep me going throughout the year!


The hype for sweet potato fries at the moment is so great that you'd think sweet potatoes have just been discovered... Salty, crisp and usually served in a tiny aluminum bucket at the side of your hipster burger. My choice of dip for any of you strangely curious is mixed ketchup/mayo.

Beauty & Gadget


This month my beauty fave is technological. 
Its the Mary Kay Skinvigorate™ Cleansing Brush £35.00 - Yes, I realise it looks very phallic- its for your face!!

Check out my full review of it here.

What do you recommend I try 
for the month of May?

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