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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Day 25 #the100DayProject

A Quarter of the way through the Project *celebratory jig*


Peggy looks at her Baby pictures.  

That's an 8 week old Peggy on the screen- she doesn't look her age!


 Despite not being able to smell or taste anything I treated myself to this yumtastic dairy milk which I have devoured- it was to help me get through an afternoon of PE (eugh!) 

Due to my flueyness I have that 'so called: Sexy' voice that Phoebe (from friends) puts to good use so I have been blues-ing it up in the car singing to Postmodern Jukebox (who I talk about here)

and in celebration of today being Day 25 of the 100 Day Project here is Peggy showing her excited appreciation! 

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